How To Look Like the Girl Next Door

Elizha Cuthbert once played the role of the girl next door in the movie of the same title. In that movie, she effortlessly embodied the typical girl next door – reserved, sassy, having the tendency to be shy and quiet, beautiful and kind-hearted, and the gusto to be more than her girl next door image and get into the other side of her personality.

Many are attracted, or at least, have their attention grabbed by the girl next door. With her natural primness and timid character, many find her so sweet and likable.

You can be like the girl next-door too! By following the tips below, you will be on your way to looking like the girl next door who will soon spread your charm in your neighborhood. Read on and transform yourself into the girl next door everyone loves.

  1. Go for more low-profile clothes. Tone down on the clothes you wear. As much as possible, avoid wearing overly swanky or revealing clothes. Try to avoid tank tops and tube tops or tight-fit jeans and very short skirts. This is not expected of a girl next door. If you cannot completely do away with them, at least, use them more sparingly. On the other hand, start wearing simpler but still classy clothes. Opt for skirts, jeans shirts and blouses. While these clothes do not expose much skin, you will still look good and nice. These types of clothes will make you look more low-profile.
  2. Moderate the use of make-up. Decrease the amount of make-up you put in your face. If you can, have it as little as possible. This will accentuate the more natural color and look of your face since make-up has that effect of giving you a sort of artificial or fake beauty. If you go bare-faced, you can more easily achieve that shade of naturalness and simplicity that accords well with the girl next door look.
  3. Do away with flashy accessories: Flashy accessories only give you that high-profile look which is not typical of a girl next door. Accessories like dangling earrings, heavy bracelets and necklaces are more commonly worn by the more sophisticated girls. Put them away if you want to appear like the girl next door.  When you go out there with very little, or no accessory at all, people can more easily have the impression that you are the girl next door type.
  4. Have your hair arranged in a simple manner. If you want to look like the girl next door, do not do fix your hair in a very complex manner. Pony tails or letting your hair hang loose are already fine. This will give you a laidback look and will emphasize the simplicity you are trying to achieve. 

Girls next door are always attractive because of the air of mystery, which they possess behind their façade of being timid and laidback. People are always urged to probe that mystery hiding in every girl of that kind. Just follow the steps above and be the girl next door everyone will stare at in your area.


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