How To Look Preppy

Are you trying to change your look? Have you considered preppiness? If you are interested in simple lines and classic clothes then 'preppy' is for you. Follow these steps and you can update your wardrobe to look preppy.

  1. Clean up your act. Keep your hair trimmed, your nails clean with clear polish and your wardrobe simple. Hygiene is important no matter what look you are going for but the prep style is very conservative and clean cut so you want to make sure you look and smell fabulous.
  2. Minimize the makeup. Similar to keeping your nails clean and bare or with clear polish, makeup should also be minimal. If you must wear makeup then stick with natural and muted colors.
  3. Get to know your retailers. Preppy looks are easy to get when you know where to look. Head to conservative, upper scale stores such as Brooks Brothers, Ann Taylor, J. Crew and Tommy Hilfiger. Shopping these stores you will quickly find the essence of the preppy style.
  4. Invest in khaki pants, shorts and skirts. Khaki is a conservative classic for a reason. It is easy to clean and goes with just about everything under the sun. The best thing about khaki is that it works well with other mainstays of preppy attire including pastels, plaids, polo shirts and flirty florals.
  5. Learn to love the simple neutrals. Khaki is a basic neutral but there are others that are celebrated by a preppy style. You can wear basic black or charcoal gray when it is complemented by a light pastel or crisp white. Again you are looking for simple and classic so neutrals should be your first choice.
  6. Simplify your accessories. Choose simple shoes and matching handbags, again in neutral colors. Keep your jewelry to basic gold and silver in small links or hoops.
  7. Now that you have the look, add the attitude. The preppy style has lasted for decades, never really going out of style with a portion of the population. This population maintains the crisp, simple style out of sophistication and usefulness. A preppy style wardrobe may be more expensive than a trendier style but the clothes will be of better quality and good fabrics that will last as long as you maintain them. The attitude of the prep matches the look. Be friendly and cheerful but not vivacious or overbearing. The preppy dresser may appear to have a uniform of conservative style and you can bet that their attitude is equally conservative and organized.

Taking the small step to alter your wardrobe into the preppy style should be a gradual process that adds class to your style. When you choose this simple, conservative style, you have a wardrobe that you can carry with you for decades to come.


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