How To Look Skinny at the Beach

Leave the gray of your office cubicle for the pastel yellows of sand and the clear blue of the water. Few things can be as relaxing as a day out at the beach before returning home satisfied and with a tan to boot. Or, you can even cap off the night with a few drinks with friends on a driftwood bonfire by the shore. Whatever reasons you have for visiting the beach, one of the things that you want to ensure is that you look good while having a good time. Here are ways to look skinny at the beach.

  1. Flattering swimsuit. There are plenty of beautifully cut bikinis in the market today, but one of the first things that you need to understand is that not all swimwear will look beautiful on everyone. To get a flattering swimsuit that fits you, you need to understand your own body type. For women with pear shaped bodies that are wide at the hip area and narrow on the chest area, try to balance out your figure with a swimsuit that emphasizes your chest. The color and pattern of your bikini will be one of the most crucial elements in emphasizing the areas that need to stand out, and streamlining the areas that need to be minimized. Try a dark colored bottoms paired with lighter colored tops if you want to emphasize your upper body. Also remember that the cut of your bikini should also reveal your best assets, while reducing trouble areas such as cellulite spots.
  2. Get a tan. The bronze body does not only exude health, but it can even be used in making you look more svelte at the beach. Tans today do not come from sun exposure alone. Apart from the tanning bed, there are tanning lotions and bronzers that you can apply for an immediate tan that does not require prolonged exposure with cancer-causing ultraviolet rays. Use tanning lotions to sculpt your body and emphasize your shape. Models, for example, use tanning lotions to add instant cleavage and abs on their bodies. With a bit of practice, you can also wield the tanning spray with the skill needed to create an instantly buff and thinner looking body.
  3. Accessorize. The two piece bikinis are not the only materials that you can sport at the beach. In fact, properly chosen accessories can even give you a flattering body size. Cellulite is a struggle for many women that cannot be overcome easily. You can, however, cover them up in an instant with the use of a sarong or other flattering fabrics that you can drape over your shoulders or tie around your waist. Apart from loose fabrics, try out the large and colorful woven hats that you can pair with a simple black bikini. This will draw the attention towards your face, as the oversized hat offsets your body proportion and makes the rest of your figure instantly slimmer.

The next time you feel the sun and blue waves beckoning, go ahead and answer the call. With the right swimsuit, tan, and accessories, you can enjoy the beach without having to worry about looking anything but slim and fit.


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