How To Loosen Tight Boots

It takes panache to pull off a pair of boots for a regular outfit. If you have what it takes to wear boots, one of the common problems that you will encounter with your boots are those that are too tight. This can happen either because of weight gain or because of boots that naturally shrink in size over time. You do not need to compromise your fashion sensibilities, however, just to get into your pair of boots. Here are ways to loosen your tight boots.

  1. Wear them out. The easiest way to loosen your tight boots is by wearing them out yourself. If your feet and calves can fit in, it may only be a matter of time and use before the boots begin to conform to the natural shape and contours of your calves. The best way to wear out your boots is by using them regularly at home for a few days. Do not attempt to wear in your boots outside of the house, since the pressure can build up on your feet and calves and eventually make walking very painful. Inside the house, however, you have the convenience of easily removing the boots if they become too painful.
  2. Put in a V-notch. Not all boots, however, can be broken into – especially if your calves do not fit in at all. Instead of letting go of your prized boots, visit the local shoe repair shop or shoe maker and ask for a V-notch to be cut into the boots. This will widen the boot opening and will allow you to comfortably wear your boots. Be sure that you are present when the boots are being modified to ensure that the V cut will be small or large enough to fit you just right. Also, the shape of your calves will determine the form of the V cut. Sometimes, the cut needs to be narrow but deep, while calves that are top heavy will need wide but shallow V cuts.
  3. Get a zipper installed. As an alternative to the notch, you can also have zippers installed into your boots which will allow you to easily get into your pair. This is especially useful for very tall boots where the V notch is simply impractical, as well as for boots that are designed to be slipped on and have no zippers installed. Keep in mind, however, that your zipper can dramatically change the way that your boots look, so be sure that you are getting your boot modified by expert shoemakers who will know how to retain the original design of the boots while installing the zippers.
  4. Stretch it out. If you do not want your boots to be marred with zippers or  V notches, and if you do not want to wait days or even weeks for your boots to wear in at home, you can also choose to have your boots stretched out for you. Professional shoemakers usually have shoe stretchers that are inserted into the boots. Gradually, the device will expand and stretch out your boots.

Your boots are made for walking. When you find that perfect pair, make sure that you can loosen them enough to make walking as easy as possible. With these ways to loosen up your boots, being able to successfully do this is easy.


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