How To Maintain a Leather Jacket

Almost everyone who is into fashion covets the leather jacket. This stand-out article of clothing has been worn by iconic movie stars from James Dean to Hugh Jackman simply because the leather jacket in itself is star material. If People Magazine created a category for a Sexiest Material Alive, this would win hands down year after year. If you have one in your closet and would want to keep this fashionable piece in fantastic condition, here are helpful tips for you!

  • Taking your lather jacket to a professional dry cleaner is always the best bet for keeping it in top condition but if you choose to do a bit of cleaning yourself, choose detergents that are mild, gentle, and one made specifically for leather. Natural soaps can also be an effective alternative to mild detergents. Make sure to test the detergent on one area of your leather jacket for efficacy. A wet sponge after often does the trick for rinsing off the foam from the detergent.
  • Dust and dirt cling to leather jacket. Wipe away using damp (not wet) cloth.
  • Remove stain by combining 1/8 cleaning agent and ¼ cup water. As a precautionary measure, test the mixture on a tiny area of your leather jacket before proceeding.
  • Take care of greasy stains with cornstarch. Dab a bit of it onto the stained area, let it sit a while, then, wipe off gently after.
  • Accidents happen even to the best of leather jackets. Rips and tears should be handled by professionals only. Do not place tape or apply adhesives on the damaged area of your leather jacket.
  • Get your leather jacket out of your closet. Never wrap your leather jacket with plastic. Leather has to breathe to be in good, wearable condition.
  • Before stepping out in the rain, make sure your leather jacket has water-proof protection.  There are products available in the market specifically for use on leather jackets. Choose the one that gives protection and conditioning all in one product. Doing this routinely will ensure that your leather jacket is 100% rainproof and ready for your day out in the rain.
  • If your leather jacket gets soaked, let it dry naturally. Do not subject it to heating devices to speed up the drying process.
  • In perennially wet weather, make sure to protect your jacket from moisture, mold and mildew. After mildly wiping water droplets with a clean, soft towel, always place your leather jacket in an area where air is circulating freely.  Take care of mold and mildew stains with rubbing alcohol.
  • There’s rain and then there’s heat. Never wear your leather jacket during the summer when the intense heat of the sun causes the lather to crack.
  • If you’re into all-natural products. Give coconut oil a go for your leather jacket. Rub a few drops for instant softness.
  • Lastly, pay attention to the care instructions often found on the label or on the tag of your leather jacket. This is your fail-safe guide to keeping your leather jacket lasting as long as you want it to.

There you have it, looking good in your leather jacket only takes professional help, some tender loving care, and lots of ventilation.


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