How To Make a Bag Out of Candy Wrappers

If you are a fan of candies and you have a lot of candy wrappers piling up, do not throw them away. You can do a simple recycling project wherein you can use the candy wrappers to make a bag. Not only will you be able to get rid of all the candy wrappers, you will also have a new accessory to use. Follow the simple steps that are provided below to know how you can make a bag out of candy wrappers.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for this project are transparent contact paper, lots of candy wrappers, transparent tape, paper puncher, scissors and a string or ribbon that you want to use as a handle for the bag.
  • Clean the candy wrappers. Make sure that you clean the candy wrappers before you start working on them. You can wipe off the candy or wash it under running water. Don’t worry about getting it ruined since candy wrappers are made of plastic. Make sure that you get out all the sticky substances so that your bag will not attract ants. Allow the candy wrappers to dry.
  • Cut jagged edges. Use your scissors to cut the jagged edges off of the candy wrappers. You don’t have to use exact measurement when cutting. You just have to get rid of the jagged edges since it can make your bag look messy.
  • Create your design. Now you can make your bag. Get a piece of contact paper and determine how big and how wide you want your bag to be. Afterwards, peel off the paper from the adhesive and then lay down your candy wrappers on the contact paper according to how you want them to appear on your bag. It might be easier if you arrange the wrappers first so that you can just stick them on the contact paper.
  • Cut the contact paper. Cut the contact paper for the parts of your bag. You will need a base, 2 side panels and 2 panels for the back and front of your bag. All in all, you should have 5 pieces to work with.
  • Connect the pieces together. Connect the pieces together using the transparent tape that you have. Use the tape to connect the edges and the base. Place some tape on the inside of the bag too. Make sure that the pieces are well connected to each other so that the bag doesn’t rip open easily.
  • Add the handle. Now the bag is done. All you have to do is add the handle on. To do this, punch some holes on the top portion of the bag. Use the string and tie a knot to create the handles. If you want to make the bag sturdier, you can add a piece of cardboard to the base and to line the insides of the bag.

Now you have a bag made out of candy wrappers. This is easy to make and you can use it for all sorts of things. You can even turn it into a purse.


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