How To Make a Bandana Pocket-Book

A pocketbook is also a purse or a handbag, with handles, not like shoulder bags with long straps. The term is used interchangeably and one or the other may be used regionally. Older generations usually refer to a handbag or purse as a pocket-book. A pocket-book can be made from different materials and may have as many compartments and pockets as deemed necessary by the designers or manufacturers. A cute pocket-book that you can carry with your everyday, particularly if you are going for a casual look in jeans and shirt is a pocket-book made from a traditional, paisley-printed cotton bandana. Take a look at the following steps on how to make a bandana pocket-book.

  • Choose a bandana in a color that will go well with your casual clothes. Traditional colors are blue, red, green and yellow but there are a lot more colors now and the basic colors also come in varying shades.
  • Place the bandana on the right side down on the table. Spread the bandana so that it lies flat on the table. Iron the bandana first if you are using an old one to smooth out the creases.
  • Fold an inch from the top and bottom edges of the bandana and sew them to make a flat seam. This will form the lip of the pocket-book and the seam will help keep the top firmer.
  • Fold the bandana in half crosswise, aligning the top and bottom edges. Fold the bandana again by bringing the right side over to the left side and aligning the edges to make a smaller square. Iron the bandana to flatten the folds. The folded portions should be the right side and the bottom of the square.
  • Measure about a quarter of an inch from the left and right edges of the square and sew the sides of the pocketbook. You now have a pocketbook with three pockets. Make sure that you lock the beginning and end of your stitches.
  • Insert your hand into the front or back pocket of the pocketbook. Grab the bottom of the bandana and pull it out to turn the pocketbook right side out. Arrange the fabric so that it lies flat all around. Push the bottom corners with a blunt pencil or barbecue stick to make it sharp and square.
  • Cut two pieces of webbing or cotton twill tape, about twenty two inches long for the pocketbook handle. The cotton twill tape should be one inch wide. Fold the tape one inch from the edge and secure with a pin. Repeat this for the other three ends.
  • Measure two inches down from the top and two inches in from the sides of the pocket book. This will be where you will attach the handles. Position the ends of the handles on the markers and sew in place. First sew around the one inch fold, keeping close to the edge of the tape as much as possible before stitching diagonally to form an X inside the square. Repeat for the rest of the handle ends, attaching the handles to the outside portion of the front and back pockets. You can add strips of Velcro near the top in between the handles to keep the pocketbook closed and secure.

You can decorate your bandana pocketbook as much as you want. You can add lace, colored beans and sequins or satin flowers to update the look of your bandana pocketbook. The handles can be made from soft rope or a string of colorful beads that match the color of the bandana.


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