How To Make a Basic Wire Loop for Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a lot of fun! I would have to say that it’s not only a hobby but also a form of therapy as well. It is stress-busting and meditative. And when you’re really good at it, you can even make money out of it. I got interested in it when I saw my friend wearing nice, unique pieces of jewelry. When I asked her where she got those, I was amazed when she told me she made those. So I thought jewelry making is fairly easy. Boy was I wrong!

I have to admit that I found it totally daunting when I first started. I saw a retailer that gives free basic lessons when you buy more than $20 total of beads and tools for jewelry making. Since the lesson was hurried and the instructor tried to teach me too many things at one time, my first attempt at jewelry making was not at all good. So I thought of just stashing it in my drawer or giving it away to someone who might be interested. But then when I looked at all the stuff I bought and the receipt that says $28.44, I decided to give it another try. This time around I read books and magazines, researched online and even signed myself up for a basic jewelry making class. The lesson was worth it after all.

The first thing that I really had to master was the basic loop, which doesn’t seem so basic to me at the time I was starting. Since a lot of people are also having a hard time mastering it, here’s a list of the things you need and a step by step instructions on how to do it.

You need a flush cutter, round nose pliers, marker and a wire of course.

Start off with marking the round nose pliers, perhaps 0.5 cm from the nose tip. This will ensure that your loops are consistent. Trim the end of your wire using your flush cutter. Then clip the wire with your round nose pliers, placing the edge on the marked area, make sure that it’s the edge. If you can see part of the wire going out that will turn out to be a P-loop. So you want to make sure you just barely feel the edge of the wire. Use your thumb to slowly roll the wire around the nose pliers, making use of the marked area as your guide. After you made the loop, move the wire closer to the tip of the nose pliers. This time around use your point finger to push the hanging part of the wire in the opposite direction. If you rolled the wire clockwise, you push it counter-clockwise. That step is a way of breaking the neck, which is your last step in creating a perfect loop.

Remember, if you want to make your jewelries look really neat and professionally made, one of the basic things you need to master is the basic loop.


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