How To Make a Beaded Cross Necklace

Some people wear a cross necklace as a symbol of faith while other people wear it for the sake of fashion. A cross now has simple to complicated designs. Finding the perfect design for your cross is now easy with these so many choices. If you want to make your own accessory, why not try to make a beaded cross necklace?

Designing a beaded cross necklace can be easy or difficult depending on the specific style that you want. Some designs can be finished after an hour or two while some can be done within five minutes. Follow the instructions below and you will have a simple beaded cross necklace in less than five minutes:

  • Cut about three feet of 3mm white suede cord. You may use other colors or other kind of cord or string as long as four strands of it can fit into the hole of your chosen beads.
  • Choose your beads and bead colors. For this example, use six pieces of pony beads. Colors are red, orange, green, blue, white, and yellow.
  • Insert the red pony bead into the suede cord. The bead should sit at the middle of the cord.
  • Level the two ends of the cord. Keep the red pony bead at the middle. Insert the orange bead into the two strings until it touches the red bead. This should lock the red bead to its position.
  • Insert the white pony bead just like how you inserted the orange bead. Separate the cord’s two ends.
  • Insert the blue pony bead into the right end of the cord. Insert the yellow bead into the left end of the cord.
  • Get the right end of the cord and insert it into the white bead. Slide the white bead up to give enough space for stringing the cord. At this point, there are already three strings inserted into the white bead. Doing this locks the blue pony bead.
  • Get the left end of the cord and insert it into the white bead. Do this in the same way that you did with the right end. This also locks the yellow bead. Now, the white bead has four strings inserted into it. The two ends of the suede cord should now be coming from the white bead. Instead of stringing the white, blue, and yellow pony beads together, you can glue them together. Lay the yellow and blue bead on a flat surface so that their holes are facing up. Lay the white bead between them so that its hole is facing the yellow and blue beads. Glue them together to achieve the same position. Once the glue is dry, insert one end of the cord into the blue bead and insert the other end into the yellow bead.
  • Insert the green pony bead into the two strings of the suede cord. You now have a beaded cross necklace. Secure it by tying the two ends of suede cord together. The tied portion should be near the green bead. Tie the ends of the cord so that the necklace will be long enough for the wearer.

Modify this beaded cross necklace by changing the kind and color of the cord and beads. Add more beads, add more strings, and add more embellishments. Continue experimenting with your necklace until you get your desired look.


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