How To Make a Beaded Daisy Necklace or Bracelet

Are beads and flowers your thing? How about a unique token that is simple and easy to do? It’s the ideal gift for a little girl’s bracelet or a necklace for that free-spirited, quirky girlfriend. Daisy chains are a classic and can be passed on generation to generation. This unique flower design imbibes a youthful aura to any wearer and in such cases ideal to match with that perfect white summer dress.

  • Gather your materials. Buy the following at your local bead shop: seed beads in green, color choice of your petals and yellow for the center of your daisy (preferably all in size eleven for this project), beading thread-the sturdier and thicker sized one, needle, a pair of flat nose pliers and clasp. To know better the specific size of bead, thread and needle to use, you may consult with the bead shop person who will guide you to the appropriate materials to acquire.
  • Beginners note. It is suggested you work on a flat surface with appropriate lighting. A flat table, with a towel on top or a bead tray is advisable to prevent beads from rolling away. The more comfortable the area you are going to do the project, the less strenuous the task will be. Beginners should remember this since working on beads can be time-consuming if not done with proper body dynamics. Pick a chair that can let you stretch out and let you place your legs in a sitting position. Now you’re all set. Daisy chains can be addictive so watch the time pass by quickly!
  • Thread on a stop bead. A stop bead is made by going through the bead with your thread, wrapping it around the bead and going back up through it again. This serves as anchor to start your design. It is suggested that you use translucent thread for this. Make sure to secure the stop bead to avoid redoing the whole bracelet or having loose daisies.
  • Pick up three petal colored seed beads of your choice and an additional one yellow bead. Thread through these in said order. Now, gingerly thread through the top part of the first bead and thread two more petal-colored seed beads. Seal this daisy flower closed by threading through the third petal-colored bead started with from bottom to top. One daisy and more to go!
  • One daisy is not enough. The results are quick and now starting all over is just as easy. Remember the last two beads from the previous daisy will now count as the first two petals to make a continuous chain. Add one more to make a third petal bead. Proceed then with adding the yellow seed bead, which serves as the center of the daisy. Repeat the same process. You can mix and match the color of your petals and center of each daisy. The classic colors are white, yellow and green. But if you are raring for a funkier design, your choice of hues can reflect across the color wheel.
  • Make the finishing touches. When you’re done to the length you want, remove the stop beads and replace with clasps suggested by your bead shop person. Crimp with a pair of your flat nose pliers. If you must, place it on the neck of the wearer or around the wrist to make sure that the measurement is appropriate in length and not too constricting.

Voila! This project is now done and with only several minutes. It does take practice at the start but the finished product is well worth it. The daisy chain is a repetitive process that it is almost Zen-like. No wonder some are hooked in making this kind of beadwork. A cute flower design can be sewn on any fabric, glued on to a headband, or serve as fringe on your favorite doily. The possibilities are endless. A daisy they say can brighten any sour day. How about giving it a try with a chain out of these?


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