How To Make a Beaded Fringe Necklace

The beaded fringe necklace comprises two strands with one bead at its focal point. What makes it interesting are the fringes attached to the bead. Look fashionable while wearing a beaded fringe necklace on Bohemian tops. This necklace does not look simple to make at face value, but it can be made with a little jewelry-making skill. Check out the procedures below and give making a beaded fringe necklace a try.

  • Starting step: stringing and beading. Prepare two 35-inch cords as beading wires. Let them hold together for twining. Put three filler beads on the two strings. Place them at the center.
  • String beads on one side. Start stringing beads on one side of the filler beads. Place seed beads and filler beads on each of the two wires separately. After filling the strings with alternating beads of approximately two inches, place another filler bead on both wires.
  • String beads on the other side. Repeat step two, this time on the other side of the filler beads placed on the strings in step one.
  • Keep adding seed beads and filler beads on both sides. Continue adding seed beads and filler beads on either side of the original filler beads until you cover the entire length but six inches of the strings from one end to another.
  • Add another series of seed beads and filler beads. String beads on both ends of the beading wires. Separate the wires and place six filler beads on each wire (four wires). Put one filler bead and six seed beads again. Add another seed bead and a bicone crystal bead each to both ends of the wires.
  • Add even more beads. Add six seed beads on to separate wires, and then add a spacer bead on to non-separate wires. Follow this sequence in adding the additional beads: furnace bead, spacer bead, filler bead, special focal bead and another spacer bead.
  • Make the fringe bottom of the necklace. To make this, add seed beads to each of the four strings separately. Alternately put filler and spacer beads on each of the strands. Fill the four wires with beads until only a couple of inches are remaining from the whole of the wire. Use a crimp bead, two small seed beads, a small filler bead and another seed bead on to each remaining wire space.
  • Finish the fringe necklace. Tie a knot around the final seed bead and follow through with two seed beads, the crimp bead and one last seed bead. Pull the wires through the fringe bead. Wrinkle the crimp beads with crimp pliers. Remove excess edges of the beading wire to finish up the beaded fringe necklace. This necklace does not have a lock because it can be worn by just slipping through the head.

The beaded fringe necklace is a fashionable accessory, which you can also make on your own. The steps look long, but can definitely be done with just a little patience and a slight tap on your creativity.


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