How To Make a Beaded Stick Pin

If you’re looking for a new way to add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe, you can try attaching beaded stick pins to your hats, bonnets, shawls, scarves, and jackets. Making beaded stick pins is very easy and can be accomplished in a few minutes.

Here’s how you can make your own funky and whimsical beaded stick pins:

  • Gather your materials. You will need stick pins of course, plus an assortment and variety of beads and crystals. Stick pins have different sizes, lengths, and thickness. Choose the kind you want to use. Make sure that the beads and crystals you choose would fit into your stick pins. Before purchasing beads and crystals, try threading some into your stick pins first to see if they do fit. The more colorful and decorative your beads and crystals are, the better. You will also need a long-lasting glue like Epoxy, or you can also make do with a glue gun and some glue sticks.
  • Arrange the order of beads and crystals. Lay out all the beads and crystals you will use and arrange them in the order that you want to see on the stick pin. This should make threading easier for you. Your decorations will only cover half of the pin. The first and last bead or crystal should always act as stabilizing ends to the other decorations in between, so these two should at least be 6 millimeters long, definitely longer than the other beads and crystals. Again, make sure that all your beads and crystals fit into the stick pin.
  • Apply some glue. Squeeze some Epoxy to the top of the pin, or under the pin head. If you’re using a glue gun and glue sticks, insert a piece of glue stick into the glue gun first and then plug it into an electrical outlet. Wait a few seconds until the glue gun warms up, then squeeze the trigger and apply some glue at the top of the pin or under the pin head.
  • Start threading the beads and crystals. After applying the glue, immediately follow with threading the first bead or crystal. Apply some glue to fill the hole and wait for it to set. Thread the rest of the beads and crystals in the order that you have prepared earlier until you get to the second-to-the-last bead or crystal.
  • Tilt the stick pin upside down. The pin head and first bead or crystal should be at the bottom. Apply glue at the bottom of the second-to-the-last bead or crystal, then immediately thread the last bead or crystal. Press it lightly and make sure that it sticks to the glue. Wipe any visible excess glue. Wait for it to set and dry. Once it’s dry, you can attach it to any piece of wardrobe you want.

This is just one way to make beaded stick pins. You will find that there are many other styles and designs you can apply when you’re up to the challenge and in a more creative mood. There are no limits to producing creative homemade crafts.


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