How To Make a Beaded Watch Band

Don’t discard watches with broken clasps or worn out straps. You can still replace them with beaded watch bands. Beaded watch bands add a quirky, elegant, and even whimsical touch to your wardrobe. They could easily become a bold fashion statement and will be quite the eye-catcher.

Here’s how you can make your own unique beaded watch bands.

  • Get your materials. You will need a watch face. You can use one from any old watch, as long as it’s still working. Just cut off or separate the old strap or band from the watch face. Aside from the watches, get an assortment of beads. You should have 3-4 distinctly large beads, measuring about 8-10 mm. and at least 60 pieces of smaller beads. To have a more coordinated look, you should choose beads in the same color scheme that would complement the watch face. Then get a pair of scissors and a length of elastic jewelry thread.
  • Measure your wrist. Use the elastic jewelry thread to determine the size of your wrist by putting it around your wrist. Add two inches to the measurement to determine the length of your watch band and to provide room for allowances.
  • Cut two pieces of the elastic jewelry thread. These two pieces should match the final measurement you came up with.
  • Tie the two pieces of thread at one end. You should attach this end to the watch face. At both sides of the watch face, there is a bar used to connect the straps or bands to it. Secure the thread ends you tied up earlier to the bar at one side of the watch face.
  • Thread the beads. On both strands of elastic thread, thread 9 small beads so you should have 18 beads. Then follow with one of the large beads you have. Thread this large bead on both strands. Repeat this process until you are left with only one inch of the elastic thread. The larger beads should act as a ‘stabilizer’ to keep the smaller beads in place.
  • Tie the other ends of thread. Secure these ends to the bar at the opposite side of the watch face. Make sure that both ends are tied up to the watch face bars tightly and securely.

Beaded watch bands are very unique and can look elegant, funky, and whimsical depending on the beads and colors you use for decorating it. It’s a fun and artsy project you can easily do at home. It’s just like making a bracelet. And wherever you go, you will surely make a fashion statement with your beautiful beaded watch band.


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