How To Make a Beautiful Beaded Stretch Bracelet

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The wrist looks nicer with an accessory wrapped around it. A beautiful beaded stretch bracelet is one such accessory that can enhance how the wrist looks. This kind of bracelet can be slipped on to the arm without difficulty. Definitely a treat for the eye, it comes in a collection of colors and sparkles when hit by light. It looks elegant but comes out at an affordable cost. In fact, you can make one or more of this comfortable accessory on your own. You only have to go by the enumerated steps below to know how to string your personal beaded stretch bracelet.

  • Take some beads and get started. Pay your local arts-and-crafts store a visit or try the large ones. These stores should have different varieties of beads from which you can choose, including those that are of high quality and those that are at the lower end. You can find a large selection of exceptionally beautiful beads online. You can use the high quality gemstone beads or glass beads, strung with additional glass beads for embellishments.
  • Get a stretch cord. You can buy a piece of stretch cord from any of the same stores mentioned in step one. Buy a clear Stretch Magic Cord 0.8mm, which can last long and is simple to use for bead stringing. Cut a piece of the cord four inches more than the circumference of your wrist, to make for an allowance.
  • Start stringing the beads in the pattern you please. Whether it is a monochrome or alternating colors that you prefer, you should be careful in placing each bead on the cord. You can string together beads of similar color or of random colors. If you like a touch on a one-colored bracelet, you can put small seed beads to separate the primary beads and break the monotony. Pick well-coordinated colors if you prefer the alternating colors design.
  • Coming in full circle. When you have covered the right length of cord with beads, you can cut the remaining cord and tie a knot with both ends of the cord. It is all right to have the ends sticking out from the bracelet. You can fix this by inserting the ends that are sticking out to beads that have big holes.
  • Keep experimenting. There are designs you will stumble upon as you put different beads together. Expand your storehouse of ideas by watching bead and jewelry shows. It is where you can find and learn about a wide variety of beads. Expose yourself to exhibits of jewelry and beads to gain more design background and ideas. Always keep on the lookout for mixes and matches that you can adopt or get inspiration from.

You are now a few steps away from owning a beautiful beaded stretch bracelet. An additional tip, find a color-mix that perfectly matches your skin tone. That way, your wrist will look nicer once you wear your beaded stretch bracelet.


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