How To Make a Beginner's Stretch Bead Bracelet

Beadwork is a craft wherein beads are put together using a needle and a thread. Beadwork can come in the form of accessories, decorations and jewelry. Jewelry is the most popular form of beadwork. You will see a lot of beaded jewelries such as earrings, necklace, rings and bracelets worn by different people and sold in malls and jewelry stores. You can also find these on online stores. You can make your own jewelry even if you’re not a pro in beadworking. You can start by making a beaded bracelet. The basic things you will in need in making a beaded bracelet are different kinds of beads, thread or elastic where you will slide your beads, scissors for cutting, needle for threading and inch tape for measuring your wrist. You can do this with your friends so that it will be more fun and you can share ideas with each other.

  • Organize your beads so it will be easier for you to pick a specific bead if you’re going to use it. You can buy a bid tray to organize your beads. This will be very helpful especially when you already have different kinds of beads. This will prevent the beads from being misplaced or from rolling from your work area. There are very small plastic cabinets sold which are usually used for organizing jewelries. You can use these for your beads. Others who are really into beadworks make customized cabinets for their beads. But for beginners, a bid tray or small containers will do for organizing your beads.
  • Measure your wrist using an inch tape. Mark the inch tape about an inch longer than your wrist size. You need to have that extra inch because you will tie the ends of the elastic once done with your beaded bracelet. Using your scissors, cut a strand of elastic the same length as the inch tape you measured.
  • Thread your beads. Thread the elastic through the needle then you can start threading your beads. Do this one bead at a time. There’s no specific rule to follow on the position of the beads. Decide which one goes first and which one goes next. You are the one to choose which color to use and what bead designs to include. You can use beads with the same color or you can also alternate the colors. Make sure to cover the whole elastic with your beads.
  • Remove the elastic from the needle and tie two ends of the elastic with a square knot. Trim the excess elastic. Wear the beaded bracelet to see if it fits your wrist. Make sure to place the needle somewhere safe.

There are different materials you can use in making a beaded bracelet. You can use a cord to thread the beads. Different sizes, colors and designs of beads are available. Show your creativity in creating your beaded bracelet. You can wear it, sell it or give it to a friend as a gift. Your friend will surely love it because personalized gifts like the beaded bracelet you made are special.


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