How To Make a Belt out of Neckties

Not sure what to do with all those extra neckties you've got lying around? Consider making a belt! This funky accessory is unique and colorful, and will definitely have your friends impressed with your crafty ways. Here's how to make your own necktie belt.

Step 1

Gather your supplies. To create this great accessory, you'll need the following items:

  • 2 different neckties (of the same size)
  • 2 small safety pins
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape (or a ruler)
  • Chalk or a fabric pencil

Step 2

Measure your ties. Most belt loops have a maximum size, so you want to make sure that your necktie belt isn't too large to fit through a regular belt loop. For this reason, the belt can be no larger than 2" wide. Lay your ties flat and face down on your flat work surface. Then use your measuring tape to mark where the tie hits 2" in width. Draw a chalk line straight across at this point. Do the same with the second tie.

Step 3

Cut off the excess. Once you have marked the parts of your neckties that are too wide for the belt, you can cut them off. In general, you'll be cutting off the bottom of each necktie. You can discard these pieces once you're cut them off.

Step 4

Join the two ties. With your neckties now at the right width for your belt, you can put them together. Lay the two ties on top of each other so that the ‘nice' sides face inward, touching each other. The backside of each tie should be facing outward. Now, use your ruler or measuring tape and chalk to make a line ¼" below the top of your belts. This is where the ties will be joined.

Using a safety pin, you can now fasten the two ties together on your 1/4"chalk line. Add a second safety pin to this same spot (going through the first safety pin) in order to securely fasten the two neck ties. (Of course, if you are at all handy with a thread and a needle, or a sewing machine for that matter, you can sew the two neck ties together on your ¼" chalk mark. But leaving them pinned together does allow you to mix and match your neckties when the mood strikes.)

Step 5

See how it fits. Once you have joined your two neckties, your belt is basically complete. But you should try it on for size, just to be sure. A neck tie belt is meant to hang at the side of your pants, down your left or right leg. So hold on to the safety-pinned part of the belt and press it against one of your hips. Then thread the neckties through the front and back of your pants to see how the necktie belt will look. Tie the belt in a knot or two to keep it in place. If you feel that your necktie belt is too long at this stage, simply tie a few more knots in it to shorten it.


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