How To Make a Braided Necklace

A braided necklace is one of the best accessories to complete your bohemian look. It makes a fresh and quirky appeal, lending a youthful look to any getup. You can find lots of braided necklaces in crafts and specialty stores, but if you want to show your individuality, it is best if you make your own braided necklace. This how-to article will teach you how to make a basic braided necklace. Please read on.

  • Decide on the necklace material. You can use any necklace material. You can, for instance, use jute twine, leather, and beaded strings. Only make sure that the material will be flexible enough and won’t end up choking you.
  • Prepare the necklace material. Cut three strips of your necklace material, which should be about twice as long as your necklace. You want the strips to be quite long, since braiding will make them shorter. But make sure that the strips are not too wide, because if they are, they will make the necklace a bit bulky. Ideally, the braided necklace should be flat at all points.
  • Braid the strips. Begin by tightly knotting the ends of the strips together. Then, pin the knotted ends to a table, so you can pull the strips as you braid. When ready, grab the left strip and bring it over your middle strip. The now middle strip should then cross over the right strip, and the right strip should be brought over the left strip. Make sure to make the braid slightly loose so it won’t bunch up when you wrap the necklace around the neck. Continue this basic braiding pattern until you have braided the length you desire. Make a knot to secure the braid. Trim off the excess.
  • Add a clasp. Attach the locking clasps to both ends of the braided necklace. You may sew them in place or use a cord or a jump ring. Then check if they work properly. If you are not using a clasp, you have to leave two to three inches of unbraided strands, which you should use to lock the necklace. Tie them together at the ends.
  • Hang a pendant. A pendant can be anything from a gemstone to a shell. In fact, you can use anything for as long as it represents your personality. Pendants are available at jewelry and craft supply stores. They usually have holes on the top center into which you can insert a cord or jump ring.

If you are a little more creative, you can braid the three strands first before joining them together in a braid. This, however, will take longer time to finish but will definitely give your braided necklace an added oomph. Do this by getting tiny strips for the individual strands. Tie the strips at the ends and begin to braid. When done braiding, make another knot at the other end. Do the same thing to the other strands. When you already have completed all three braided strands, braid them in the way described above.


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