How To Make a Brazilian Bikini

The Brazilian bikini is one of the sexiest in the swimwear family. Designed to show much of the skin, this bikini has oftentimes smaller breast coverage and rests way below the hips. More and more women are taken by Brazilian bikinis, but if you want to standout from a sea of bikini-clad babes, you need to have a standout Brazilian bikini. And you can do that by making your own, uniquely-designed, head-turning bikini. Here are some tips on how you can do just that.

  • Study the construction of commercial Brazilian bikinis. You need to have good samples for Brazilian bikini, so make sure to look at the different Brazilian bikinis available on the market. Notice how the bra and bottoms are constructed. Traditional Brazilian bras have bigger cups, while some modern variations have smaller cups. The bottoms, on the other hand, are either thong bikini or standard bikini cut. Choose the construction that fits your body type and apply it your homemade Brazilian bikini.
  • Record your measurements. The two important measurements you need are bust and hip. If you prefer, you can also use the measurements of your existing bras, panties, or swimwear. This way, you don’t have to manually get your body measurements.
  • Choose a good fabric. Nylon and lycra are the usual fabrics for swimwear, but you can also make use of other fabrics; just make sure they will give the proper support in and out of water. When it comes to color, the options are limitless. However, you have to remember that genuine Brazilian bikinis are brightly-colored. Printed Brazilian bikinis are also a hit. For an interesting look, you can match a plain top with pattern-designed bottoms, or vice versa.
  • Sketch the silhouette of your bikini. Sketching your design is an important part of the bikini-making process. In fact, the sketch will serve as your guide in constructing the bikini. You don’t necessarily have to draw artistically. You only need to sketch the silhouette, the exact design, and all the important parts. Draw the silhouette on a clean piece of paper, following the structure of the Brazilian bikini you earlier studied. Make sure to color the sketch in the colors you want for your bikini.
  • Make a template. The template is a bigger version of the sketch, although this is composed of the individual parts of the bikini in actual size. Best to use a cardboard for the template, so the template won’t fold when being used. To use, simply put the template over the fabric and trace the template. You will then have to cut the fabric following the traced pattern.
  • Use a lining fabric. The lining fabric, which usually is made of nylon, will provide added support. Although lining fabric is only usually attached to the crotch and bust area, it is best if your entire bikini is sewn with lining fabric.
  • Add adornments. Other than their skimpy structure, Brazilian bikinis are famous for their adornments, the most common of which is the belt. You can add the same to your Brazilian bikini, and if you are more creative, try to add sequins, beads, and other swimsuit embellishments.

Make sure to fit your Brazilian bikini before wearing it outdoors. See to it that it hides the body parts that need to be hidden and that it stays in place however you move.


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