How To Make Capes: Making a Superhero Costume Cape

Learn a Quick and Easy Way to Make a Halloween Cape for This Year’s Trick or Treat Adventures

Boy in his superhero outfit

Does your child need a superhero cape? Or maybe costume cape is on your list of needs for Halloween or some other dress-up party? Whatever the reason, the good news is that you can make a cape quickly and easily at home.  Make one with just a few simple materials and a bit of free time.  

How to make a costume cape:


Cape fabric (can be felt, cotton or even satin)
Double-sided fabric tape
1 yard of ribbon
Tape measure
Sewing machine
Compass for making circles

  1. Measure the desired cape length. Size will depend upon the cape wearer. For a superhero cape you may need to measure to the mid-calf of the wearer while other capes can be shorter such as to mid thigh. If the wearer is an active child, try to make the cape knee length or shorter to prevent tripping. Also measure the neck of the wearer and write the measurement down.
  2. Buy the necessary amount of fabric. To determine the amount of fabric needed, take the length desired, multiply it by two then add six inches. You will need a square of fabric that has equal length on all sides.
  3. Fold the square in half twice. Fold once lengthwise then once crosswise so that the end result is square shaped. Pin all four layers together with the center corner (where the open corners are at the bottom right corner and the top left corner is the center of the original square).
  4. Cut out the cape base. Use the compass to draw an arc from the top right to the bottom left corners. The arc should be the desired length of the cape. Cut along the arc to remove the open corner.
  5. Cut out the neck. At the top left corner you will draw an arc to remove the cut for the neck. If you are not using a collar you can approximate the arc diameter by look. If you will use a collar you need to calculate the radius of the neck. Determine the radius by starting with the neck measurement. Divide that measurement by 3.14. Then take the resulting number and divide by two. This number will be the radius. Use that number to set the compass to create the arc for the neck. Once you draw the arc, cut it out.
  6. Insert the tie. At the edge of the cape neck, place a row of double-sided fabric tape. Fold the collar edge over once (about ¼”). Then place the ribbon in the space below the folded edge. Fold the edge over the ribbon and attach with pins.
  7. Sew the neck seam. The seam should cover the ribbon tie but allow the tie to move freely so the cape can be tightened or loosened at the wearer’s preference.
  8. Cut out the collar (optional). Using the extra fabric you removed in step four, cut out a rectangle to create the collar, if you want one. Shape the collar to your preferred style then sew the collar to the neck of the cape.
  9. Place the cape on the wearer. Let them try out the look of swishing the cape from side to side or tossing it wistfully over the shoulder at their heart’s desire.

There you have it. You’ve created a masterful cape at home. Make the outfit with whatever fabric and colors you desire -- depending on if it is a Halloween cape that needs to look scary, or one of many types of superhero capes that are very popular with children.


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