How To Make a Cat Woman Costume

It is the season for costumes, and Cat Woman is definitely a popular choice.   There are many ways one can go with this theme.  Ideas can be taken from the Cat Woman comic/movie or they can just be cat-like.  For adults, they tend to go the sexier route, while children are more ‘cute’. The materials needed for this costume are inexpensive and can be found in a closet or at the local retail/thrift store.

Adult Cat Woman Costume

The materials needed for the adult Cat Woman costume include clothing such as long, black leggings and a tight-fitting black turtleneck.  The accessories include black boots (the higher, the better), a wide black belt, black gloves of any style, and a hard plastic headband.

Child’s Cat Woman Costume

The materials needed for the child’s Cat Woman costume include clothing such as black sweatpants, a black sweatshirt with or without a hood, and black socks.  The accessories would include black shoes or boots, black gloves, and a hard plastic headband.

Materials Needed for Both Costumes

Black fabric and fiber-fill batting is needed to make the tail, and felt is needed to make the ears.  For the mask, a half face mask in black would be ideal.  To snazzy up the costume, glitter fabric paint or colored gem stones would do the trick. Also needed is fabric glue or a hot glue gun. Don’t forget the face paint for the whiskers!

The Construction of the Tail and Ears

The construction of the tail is fairly easy.  Decide how long the tail should be, and cut material for that length plus 6 inches across.  Fold the material so the long sides are touching. At this point, using the fabric glue, adhere the two sides together.  Once it is dry, turn it inside out and stuff with the batting.  The tail needs to be attached to the back of the pants by sewing or using a safety pin.

The ears can be made from felt by cutting 2 large triangles and gluing onto the headband.  This is fairly easy, and hot glue would be ideal for this. For a plain headband a piece of black felt can be glued to it. If a hooded sweatshirt is used for the child’s costume, the ears can be glued right to the hood instead of using a headband.

Snazzy It Up

The costume can be worn plain or can be adorned with jewels, paint, etc.  Children like a little more of a fancy costume, plain just isn’t fun!  Glitter paint can be applied to the collar, cuffs, mask, even the ears or tail. Craft jewels can also be glued to the costume anywhere one sees fit.


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