How To Make a Chunky Bead Necklace

In most cases, the accessories you wear can really complete the particular outfit you are wearing.  A pair of elegant earrings, a pair of cufflinks, or a simple but ornate beaded necklace will help you pull off the particular ensemble you are planning to wear.  Taking the beaded necklace as an example, you can actually create a fabulous piece of neck jewelry using a variety of chunky beads strung together to match the color scheme of your outfit.  Today, you will learn how to make this type of necklace.

  • Begin with a clear design.  Each and every arts and crafts project should always begin with a clear cut design.  The design is vital to the overall result of the project.  In most cases, a good design will ensure success.  That said start evaluating your necklace needs and design it based on your preference.  Start with the desired length of the necklace so that you will know how long the string or wire should be.  You will likewise need to determine the color scheme of the beads you want for your necklace.  Pay particular attention to the color of the outfit you will be wearing and base the colors of the beads on that.  For instance, if your outfit consists of black and sky blue colors, then you may want to stick with beads of that particular color.  You can probably throw in a bead of a different color or shade for a little variation, which will go well should you be wearing a belt or a pair of shoes in that particular color.  Draft the design on paper that will serve as your guide.
  • Pick the beads.  Based on the design you made, pick out the beads that you will string up.  A selection of small and big beads is a must for a chunky necklace appearance.  For the small beads, pick them out is a solitary color similar to the secondary color of your outfit.  For instance, if majority of your outfit is black and the minor color is sky blue, then the small beads should be sky blue.  For the bigger beads, you will want to stick with black since this is your primary color.  Get 1 big black bead for every 3 small blue beads you get.  You will also need to get bead caps that will go after a small bead before you insert the big bead beside it.  For the bead cap, you can go with a different color, something that will complement the ensemble.
  • Start the assembly.  Cut a piece of nylon wire or string based on your preferred measurement during the design stage.  String one large bead to serve as your centerpiece bead.  Place a bead cap on either side of the large bead.  Insert 3 small beads on each side of the large bead and follow it up with a bead cap on each side.  Insert a large bead on each side.  Insert a couple more bead caps on each end.  Keep with the program of alternating beads until you string all the beads.  At the ends of the string, attach the clasp and hook and fasten it with a neutral colored crimp bead.  Lock the two ends of the necklace together and look at your masterpiece.

You are finally done and ready to wear your chunky beaded necklace.  Once you get used to it, it should only take you about 15 to 30 minutes to finish each necklace provided that you have all the materials ready.


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