How To Make a Diamond Look Larger

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Whether it is a diamond ring for an anniversary or a brand new engagement ring, maximizing the size of your diamond is an important factor.  Not only do diamonds look more attractive and eye-catching when they are larger, but their natural beauty and sparkle is also captured.  With a few easy tricks, you can make a diamond look larger on your hand.

First, you will want to purchase diamond which is shaped in such a way that it complements the size of the diamond.  Opt for shapes that are long, such as princess, marquise and oval cuts.  These shapes look bigger than a traditional round cut diamond.  To find a shape you like, simply browse online or at the jeweler’s shop.

The next thing you can do to make a diamond look larger is to purchase a ring with a thin band.  Having a smaller band will help your diamond stand out, while also drawing all the attention to the diamond and not the ring as a whole.

Also consider a pave setting to make a diamond look larger.  A pave setting gives the illusion that there is a recurrent sequence of diamonds, adding to the size and shape of your diamond.  A pave setting, however, is simply small diamonds that are secured in place by tiny beads.

Another option to make a diamond look larger is to choose a setting that complements the shape and size of the diamond.  A bezel setting, for example, is where a rim fully circles around the diamond and holds it up higher.  For an added touch, choose an invisible setting that is done underneath the diamond.  An invisible setting is hidden so that it appears as if the diamond is floating.

Finally, you can choose to have an illusion setting done to make a diamond look bigger.  An illusion setting uses a mirror that is used within the setting before the diamond is placed in it.  This mirror-like object will reflect off the diamond, making it look bigger and brighter.

One of the best things you can do to enhance the natural properties of your diamond is to also get it checked and cleaned regularly.  The jeweler shop where you make your purchase should offer you these services, especially to keep your diamond ring under warranty.  Your ring will be checked to ensure that everything is in tact and that none of the jewels are coming loose. A quick clean can be done directly in-store and will enhance the natural beauty and shine of your diamond.


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