How To Make a Disco Ball Bra

We have all seen those cool disco bras that singers, actresses and even famous pole dancers wear. Whether we tell our husbands or not, we know they look hot and deep down we wish we  had one of those cool disco ball bras. Wouldn't you like to own one of those bras and wow your partner with it? This will definitely put the romance back in the marriage, or at the very least give you a great costume to take to your next party.

Choose the bra that looks best on you. Think of the type of bra that will look best covered completely in sequins. Try to choose a neutral-colored bra without embellishments; you want one that normally doesn't stick out.  Sometimes you can use a bra you already have, or you might have to go to a store to find an appropriate one.

Your first step is to place fabric glue on the outer cups of the bra. Do these one at a time so that you don't make a mistake in this step. Then, when the glue gets sticky, pour silver glitter on it. You can also use red, gold, or any color you want; then let it dry. Get creative and use your own personal taste. Remember: the glitzier, the better.

You can then glue mosaic chips onto the bra; this will make your bra more original. These chips can be found at your local arts and crafts store. Place these mirrors in rows on the outer cup and then clean up any extra glue. This will definitely give you the look of the disco ball, but it will also be a little uncomfortable. However, what woman is unwilling to feel a little discomfort when she knows she looks good?

If you still need a little more glitz then add some sequins in matching colors. Attach these by sewing them on. You can substitute the sequins for the mosaic mirrors if you want or just use a few mirrors. It's a matter of finding the style you want.

These disco ball bras are great to wear to a costume party, and often when you make them nice enough you can even wear them under a suit or a skirted outfit to give that outfit a bit of snazzy night glitz. The disco ball bra can be used for many events. When one gets worn out or starts looking a little worse for wear, then all you have to do is make another one.


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