How To Make a Drawstring Skirt

During the hot and hazy days of summer, a skirt is the perfect fashion attire for women. Its flowing, airy feel keeps you cool yet still classy-looking no matter where you are. And though you can buy skirts just about anywhere, they're easy to make too. Here's how you can make your very own drawstring skirt that will be the highlight of your summer wardrobe this year.

Step 1

Gather your supplies. In order to create this drawstring skirt, you'll need:

  • Fabric (measure your waist, multiply by 4, in inches)
  • Ribbon or drawstring (your waist measurement plus 25")
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing kit (or a sewing machine)
  • Iron
  • Safety pin

Step 2

Cut your fabric to size. Since you've already purchased your fabric to the right width, you just need to trim it to the length for your height. Use your measuring tape and measure yourself from your waist to your ankles. Or, if you want your drawstring skirt to be shorter, measure to the middle of your calf. To allow for a hem, add 5" to either of these numbers.

Now, with your fabric laying on a flat surface, measure your waist + height length from bottom to top. Mark the final number with your chalk. Do this all the way around your skirt, join the marks with a dotted line, and then cut along the dotted line.

Now, fold the longest edge of your skirt fabric in half. Cut it in two so that you've got two skirt pieces. Now, take those two pieces and fold them in half again in the same way you just did. One folded panel is for the front of your skirt, and one is for the back.

Step 3

Figure out your panel sizes. When the drawstring is fully open, the skirt's waist should be about 6" larger than your waist. Divide your waist measurement in half, and add 3" to it (so a 30" waist would measure 30/2 = 15 + 3 = 18 inches for each panel).  This will be the measurement for the top of each folded panel you just made.

You can now cut the top of your skirt. Ensuring that your fabric is still folded, use your chalk to make a small line at the fold. Then take your half-waist measurement (18" in this case), and divide it in two. Mark that measurement (9"), in inches, along the top of your drawstring skirt. Flip over your folded panel and make the same measurement on the other side. Open up your drawstring skirt panel to see three chalk marks centered perfectly along the top of your panel. Fold your panel again at the crease chalk line.

Step 4

Cut the panels. Use your measuring tape or a yard stick to draw an angled line from the measured chalk mark (9") to the bottom corner of the folded panel (the bottom should be the widest portion of fabric remaining. Don't angel the measuring tape the wrong way!) Draw this chalk line on both sides of your folded fabric panel. Cut along the dotted line.

Measure and cut the other folded fabric panel to create two identical panels for your drawstring skirt.

Step 5

Make drawstring holes. With your panels cut, you can now make holes in the top of your skirt panels for your drawstring. On one panel, measure 3" down from the middle chalk line. Use your ruler to measure 1" on either side of this mark. You can now either use a grommet punch to make holes in this spot, or cut and sew button holes (two vertical slits reinforced with thread around the holes).

Step 6

Sew the panels together. Now you are ready to assemble your drawstring skirt. Lay the panels on top of each other, inside out. Allow for a ¼" seam. Sew along the entire length of your drawstring skirt, attaching both panels.

Step 7

Hem your drawstring skirt. With your preheated iron, fold a 3" hem all along the bottom of your skirt and iron it flat. Do the same at the top of your skirt, allowing only a 2" hem this time. (Be sure that the top hem lands ½" to either side of your drawstring holes). Now sew your hems about 1/8" from the fold of the hem, all the way around the top and bottom of your drawstring skirt.

Step 8

Attach your drawstring. Your drawstring skirt is basically complete. Now you just need to attach your ribbon or drawstring to a safety pin, thread it through the top hem of your drawstring skirt, and tie it in a bow.


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