How To Make a Duct Tape Miniskirt

Duct tape miniskirts are a fun way to dress up your Halloween or to get creative when the rest of your wardrobe won’t do. Follow these steps and you can create an easy skirt that fits perfectly and accents your personal style.

  1. Measure your hips. Add two inches to create the hip measurement to allow for cutting later. Decide on the length you want for the skirt as well by measuring that length along your hip.
  2. Cut a strip of tape the length of your hip measurement. Lay it on a flat surface, sticky side up. This is the starter strip for your skirt.
  3. Cut another strip and place it on the first. Overlap the second strip onto the first by a quarter to half inch, sticky side up. Be patient; it takes time to overlap the layers evenly. Press down to make sure the layers stick together.
  4. Repeat step three until you have the skirt length you desire. Once you have the measurement you want add one more piece of tape so you have extra for the seams. Make sure that you have enough space so that you are not leaning onto the skirt while you are adding layers. If you get too close the duct tape will strip some hair or even some skin off your arms.
  5. Create the inner layer of the skirt. Start at the top again. Cut off another strip of tape but this time place it sticky side down centered over the top seam where the first two pieces were taped together. This will leave a small strip of sticky exposed at the top of the skirt. Repeat attaching strips until you cover the last seam. You will then have an exposed sticky section at the bottom of the skirt as well.
  6. Fold over the seams. Fold the top exposed piece over to cover the top layer of tape and the bottom to cover the last layer. You now have a rectangular sheet of tape similar to a piece of fabric.
  7. Cut off excess tape and square edges. Be careful to only cut off the edges so that you don’t cut the skirt too short.
  8. Wrap the skirt around you then mark the overlap. This is your proper fit. Mark where the overlap is, then either tape the sides together or attach buttons and create loops with small pieces of tape. Cut a slit in the side or back to make it easier to move.
  9. Decorate the skirt as you please then wear it out on the town. Enjoy the skirt and take it to your favorite Halloween party or night out.

A duct tape skirt is easy to create and personalize. You're guaranteed to make an impression on people.


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