How To Make a Duct Tape Purse

Arts and crafts are such an interesting enterprise. Using several art materials, a lot of your creativity and imaginative thinking, and a lot more hard work and industry, you can come up with something both innovative and delightful for items whose appearance is often repetitive. Like the purse most women usually have in their palms, you can embellish different designs and materials to give it a new look. One of the innovations you can apply in making a purse is using duct tape. After the process you will feel gratified seeing how your creative plan has materialized. Be guided by the steps to be mentioned here and make that duct tape purse which you can flaunt to everyone!

  1. Prepare the materials you will need for the production: In making a duct tape purse, you will need a duct tape, a ruler, and scissors or any cutting tool. Additional materials like colored tapes and sticks can be used at your option. You can use these materials for designing the purse.
  2. Cut the duct tape in accordance to the desired size of your purse: Determine the exact size of the purse that you want to make. Make sure that you list the specific dimensions – the length, width and thickness. When the measurements are done, cut the duct tape that you will use.
  3. Create a pattern for your purse: When the measurements have been laid out, you can now create a pattern that you will follow in doing the purse. You have all the freedom here. Decide the pattern you want for your purse. Do you want it to be plainly rectangle? Or do you want it to have more complex shapes and forms? You need to answer these questions and sketch a pattern before you can proceed further.
  4. Lay the design on the duct tape: When you have already sketched a design, it is time to trace it on the duct tape. Create strips in the duct tape by cutting on the sides of it. Glue the parts of the piece design so that they conjoin together and make sure that there are no holes and gaps are left. When all the holes are covered, it means that the inside lining of your purse is already done.
  5. Do the side part of your purse: Prepare three strips of duct tape which measure at least eight inches each. Lay one strip in every side. It is advisable that you make the duct tapes overlap with one another so to make the grip of the materials stronger. Do the same procedure for the remaining sides.
  6. Do the back part of the purse: After the side parts of the purse, you can now focus on the back part. Like the process made in the sides, cut duct tapes of about 15 inches and have them pasted in the back part of the purse’ skeleton.
  7. Connect all the duct tapes: When the back and side parts have been attached already, you can now paste together all the parts of the duct tape purse. Cut the duct tapes so that they overlap with one another and some of each tape’s portion is covering the main body.

Duct tape purses are fashionable and convenient at the same time. You have seen in this article that you can make your own duct tape purse without exerting too much effort and spending too much money. Take this as a guide and have that duct tape purse ready to attract everyone’s attention!


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