How To Make a Duct Tape Vest

Duct tape is a kind of adhesive tape that has many uses. Most households have duct tape in their cabinets as a first aid solution to situations requiring a strong and flexible bond. Nowadays, the use of this tape has expanded to the fashion world. There are vests, jackets, corsets, dresses, shirts and even wallets and bags made up of duct tape. And yes, they are all now available in stores. Of course, this is not impossible because we all know that it would not cost you a lot to have such clothing and accessories made up of this adhesive tape.

One of the most common clothing made up of duct tape that many people got hooked on is the vest. A duct tape vest can be worn to match any type of clothing. And with its shiny look, anyone would want to have one.

Making a duct tape vest is not really difficult but rather time consuming. So if you have plenty of time and you haven’t decided on what to do with your free time, you can try creating your own vest.

  • Prepare the materials needed. To make your own duct tape vest, you need to prepare these basic materials:  Fabric liner, vest pattern, duct tape (preferably black or silver to match with any color), and scissors.

Prepare also these optional materials (if you want a buttoned vest):  Buttons, razor knife, and needle and thread.

Then, follow these steps:

  • Make a fabric liner vest pattern. Create a vest pattern in your fabric liner. You don’t need to add allowances for sewing hems so cut the liner exactly as the size you want. You can trace your vest pattern first into the liner before cutting to avoid inaccurate measurements.
  • Create tuct tape sheets. Next, make a duct tape sheet fabric for each corresponding pattern piece. To make this sheet, cut long strips of duct tape and overlap them one by one with the sticky side up. Do this carefully to avoid rough edges and wrinkles. When your sheet is large enough to fit a pattern piece, lay your cut patterned fabric liner onto the sticky side of the sheet. Cut the excess tape along the fabric liner. Do these in all the fabric pattern pieces.
  • Assemble the pattern pieces. Assemble the pieces by connecting them through the shoulder seams. With the side of the duct tape facing up, set the back part of the vest down. Align to the shoulder each piece of the front part. Connect the pieces using a clear tape. This will be covered by a new strip of duct tape to be placed along the seams.
  • Connect the front and back pieces. Then, put together the front and back pieces. Do this by putting clear tape along the edges to hold them. Make sure that the edges of both back and front are in line with each other. Again, cover the seams by new strips of duct tape. Assure that edge seams are fully covered by wrapping duct tape from top to bottom of each side. Finish the vest by working on any rough edges with overlapping duct tape to give it a neat look.
  • Add-ons. To add buttons to your vest, use the original pattern to mark the place where the buttons will be sewn and where the button holes will be set. Ensure that the buttons and the holes are aligned accurately. Make adjustments if necessary. When everything is matched properly, cut the button holes with a razor knife.


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