How To Make a Hooded Cape

Little girl wearing red cape

A hooded cape can be an excellent costume or with the right fabric a great option for keeping warm and dry in the blustery fall. Whether you want to create a cape for Halloween or to use in the more traditional sense, just follow these instructions. You'll have made a cape in less than two hours.

Step 1

Materials required.

  • Fabric pen
  • Ribbon for ties
  • Flexible measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Liner fabric (optional)
  • Pins

Step 2

Measure the cape length. Decide how long you want the cape to be from your shoulders down. For warmth you may want somewhere between hip and knee length. Add three inches to the measurement.

Step 3

Prepare the fabric. Lay the fabric flat and pin it to a surface. Tie the fabric pen to one end of the measuring tape. Then position the other end of the tape in the center of the surface above the top edge of the fabric. Secure with a pin. When straightened the measuring tape should be the length you measured in step one plus the three added inches. Using the pen attached to the tape, hold the tape straight and draw a line in a half circle as you move the pen over the fabric.

Step 4

Cut the cape fabric. Cut this fabric out and fold it in half so you have a right angle and an arc. Then set the fabric aside.

Step 5

Measure the hood. Measure the straight distance from the back of the wearer's head to the tip of the nose. Add five inches and write this number down. Then measure from the top of the head to the base of the neck. Add five inches and write this number down.

Step 6

Make the hood. Using a second piece of the same fabric, cut two rectangles with the measurements from step four. Lay the two pieces together with the outsides facing each other. The rectangles should be positioned the way the hood will cover your head. Sew a seam ¼ inch from the top and right hand sides. You should have a rectangle that is open on two sides.

Step 7

Get the cape fabric and lay it flat. Keep the cape fabric in the same half fold from step three. Lay it with the angle pointed up.

Step 8

Add the liner (optional). If you are making a cape for outerwear instead of just a costume, be sure to add the liner at this point to the cape and the hood for added warmth.

Step 9

Place the hood over the cape. The base of the hood rectangle should touch the angle at both sides and cover the point. Cut the pointed area off leaving ½ inch of fabric for the seam.

Step 10

Sew the cape and hood together. Sew them together at the seam cut created in step eight. Hem all the edges for a finished look or add ribbon trim. Then cut ribbon to create ties at the seam where the hood and cape meet.

There you have it, you have a made a hooded cape. If you like the look you can create capes in a variety of colors and fabrics to make them a real part of your wardrobe.


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