How To Make a Hoodie Blazer

Making your own clothes will certainly give you your own unique style. There’s certainly no one who’ll be around who’ll have the exact same garment as you. If you’re handy with the sewing machine, you can customize many pieces in your wardrobe and let your personality and creativity shine.

One of the fashion pieces you can easily make is a hoodie blazer. This piece is for the gentlemen, since both men and women can benefit from the merits of custom designed pieces. This style will certainly bring together two diverse style pieces into one unique item. Here’s how to make a hoodie blazer.

  • Get an old hooded jacket. If you have an old hooded jacket that’s too distressed to be worn, don’t throw it out just yet. If the hood isn’t damaged, then you can still use it. Cut out the hood of the jacket since you will only need this part of the garment. Cut a little past the seams so that the hood doesn’t unravel at the seams. Leave an allowance of about two inches. The extra cloth will also give you an allowance to be able to sew the hood onto the blazer.
  • Get an old blazer. Now that you have cut out the hood, it’s time to get the blazer that you will attach the hood cut out to. Ideally, the color of the hood should be similar to the color of the blazer. However, if you have it in two different colors, that’s fine as well, although a monochromatic color scheme will make the hoodie blazer look more dressed up.
  • Align the pieces together. Lay the blazer on a flat surface. Next, position the hoodie over the blazer as if you are wearing the blazer that the tags will be in perfect alignment. Hide the excess cloth of the hoodie under the lapels of the blazer so that it seems like it’s just one piece
  • Attach the two pieces together. If you’re not handy with a needle and thread or sewing machine, the quickest way to attach the hood to the blazer is to use safety pins. Use you use about ten pins so have a few pieces on hand. If you don’t mind sewing, simply do a basic stitch to connect the two pieces together. You will need a sturdy needle, especially if the hoodie cloth is rather thick. Of course, the best and most permanent option is to run the item on the sewing machine to attach the hood to the blazer.
  • Decorate as desired. Once the hood of the jacket has been attached to the blazer, the piece can actually be worn already. However, if you want to give it a little more personality, you can go ahead and iron on some designs or spray paint a stencil design on the jacket. If you like patches, you can also sew on a patch design that you like.

Wear your hoodie blazer anywhere you go. It’s certain to attract attention and get heads turning. It can be worn to both semi formal and casual events.


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