How To Make a Jeff Hardy WWE Costume

Call him “Wolverine,” “Mean Jimmy Jack,” “Galaxion,” or “The Charismatic Enigma.” That is Jeff Hardy, known by many as a professional wrestler. But aside from wrestling, Jeff is also into motocross, painting, music, and tattooing. No wonder why this World Wresting Federation star has uniqueness that sets him apart from other wrestlers. His sense of style is very captivating that is perfect for a costume.

Making a Jeff Hardy costume doesn’t require you to get a tattoo. You don’t even have to learn how to do the baseball slide, mule kick, whisper in the wind and his other signature moves. Changing your fashion style is enough to make a Jeff Hardy costume. Search for some of his pictures like on WWE-JeffHardy and The Hardy Show. Pick the best Jeff Hardy look and follow that. Alternatively, you can follow the tips below and dress up like Jeff Hardy:

  • Wear a wig. Do this only if you do not have the same long and blonde hair as Jeff Hardy.
  • Add some colors to your hair. Spray purple and some streaks of other colors at the bottom ends of your real hair or your wig. This will give you that “Rainbow Haired Warrior” look.
  • Brush your hair or wig up. Add some gel or styling cream on the hair or wig so it will stay up.
  • Paint your face with the Jeff Hardy mask. It’s a white facial paint with streaks of black paint. Refer to Jeff’s photo to get the same look as his facial paint.
  • Wear the Jeff Hardy arm warmers. You need two pairs of arm warmers to get the same effect—one with plain color and another with contrasting color. White and black are the usual Jeff Hardy arm warmers. Slice holes on the arm warmers and when worn, they will give the effect that your want.
  • Wear temporary tattoos or henna tattoo on the arm. The black-and-yellow tattoo will resemble Jeff Hardy’s tattoo. It’s better if you have the tattoos on before wearing the arm warmers.
  • Wear sleeveless shirt and a pair of cargo pants. These are the usual wear of Jeff. Choose your desired color for the shirt and pants but limit your choices to dark colors only.
  • Black boots or sneakers? Any of these are fine for the Jeff Hardy costume. Just pick which is more comfortable for you.
  • Don’t shave your beard and leave some hair for the mustache. Use a brown or black eye pencil to draw the beard and mustache if you don’t have time to grow your facial hair.
  • Wear black nail color. You don’t have to undergo a complete manicure treatment. Just brush some nail color on your hands’ nails and that will do just fine.
  • Practice your Jeff Hardy gestures. Feel the spirit of Jeff Hardy within you. Act like him, walk like him, and talk like him. You surely know his mannerisms and his usual facial expressions. Practice all these in front of a mirror. Don’t be shy. It’s part of the costume, anyway.

The Jeff Hardy costume may not be as familiar as the Count Dracula costume. But this costume is familiar and popular for you. The important thing is that you are proud to wear this costume. This is the perfect time to be on Jeff Hardy’s shoes—at least, before the party is over.


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