How To Make a Jem Costume

The once popular cartoon band of the 1980’s has not yet lost its touch on the public mainstream. Jem’s influence is kept alive by various attempts at impersonation through costumes. Since it has always been a fashionable choice, it is important to make it as close to the original as possible without unnecessary strain on the budget.

Here is how you can achieve that Jem look through a Jem costume.

  • Know that there are five areas of the costume that you need to pay attention to. These are the key parts that will characterize your Jem costume. These are the hair, the dress, the earrings, the belt and the makeup.
  • Jem styled hairstyle would be described as the following: rocker style, pink and white in color, loud, metallic and of course, big. To make a wig that possess those distinctive character, you will need the following: two pairs of wigs, a regular pink one and a purple or silver mullet-styled one, a wide tooth wooden comb, a pack of hair elastics and a pair of scissors.
  • The trick here is to combine these wigs to achieve a more realistic look. A regular pink one will not be enough to portray the Jem hair. Divide the pink wig into sections and comb each with the use of a wooden comb to prevent any static. Braid each section. Divide the purple or silver wig similar on how you have done the first wig. Do not braid it though, instead create a tiny hole between the segments. Do this on the entire hair piece. Place the regular pink wig at the bottom of the purple or silver one with holes. Insert the braided sections of the first wig to the holes of the second one. When both of the pieces are securely weaved to each other, unbraid the hair and fluff it up using your fingers. Remember, the bigger hair, the better! Wear them as one.
  • Find a pink dress. The color may range from light to dark pink. If you can find a pink one with silver parts, the better because it is closer to the real thing. Choose a wrap-around dress with a length just above the knees and sleeves extending to the elbows.
  • Find a star- shaped pair of earrings. This famous earrings of Jem is what she touches simultaneously while saying these words “It’s show time, Synergy!”.
  • Create your own Jem style belt. This style is what clearly separate a Jem costumes from others. It is an asymmetrical belt. Find a silver and pink fabric to be combined as a single belt. Ready some gems and adorn the belt all over. Hang it asymmetrically on your hips.
  • Find a pair of pink stilettos. Remember, the more shocking pink it is, the better.
  • Complete the Jem look by wearing the dark pink eye make up. Subtlety has no room for a Jem make-up. Use a generous amount on your eyes and lips. For a tutorial on Jem’s eye makeup, check this website.

A Jem costume is recognizable no matter what kind of costume party you attend to. The most important of it all, know that you will never rock a Jem costume without fully enjoying the look. How you will carry yourself wearing those pieces is the most significant part of the Jem costume!


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