How To Make a Jewelry ID Badge Holder

Having a proper identification card or badge is increasingly becoming more and more of a necessity nowadays. However, this will not necessarily mean that a woman will sacrifice her fashion sense for the sake of safety reasons. Jewelry or beaded badge holders are answers to this dilemma. You can actually flaunt your fashion sense while adhering to basic rules like wearing your ID badge holder.

Here is how to make a jewelry ID badge holder.

  • Gather all the materials you will need on this project at your work table. It is a hassle and unwise move to move a lot especially when you are dealing with beads crystals or gemstones. These are tiny pieces that require stability in handling. Minimize your movement by keeping the needed materials as close to you as possible. For this project, you need to ready the following: a piece of cloth or towel, an assortment of beads, crystals and gemstones of your choice, four pieces 2x2 sterling crimp beads, crimping and flat nose pliers, two pieces of 10 mm 16 or 14 gauge jump rings, 2 pieces of .014 beading wire measuring about 24 inches each and a swivel clip.
  • Get one piece of  beading wire and one piece of the crimp bead. Loop one end of the wire and secure it with a crimp bead. Make sure that the wire fits the crimp bead perfectly. Pay attention to the size of the loop you make with the end part to avoid any problems by the time you attach the jump rings.
  • In a piece of cloth, plan your jewelry pattern. This is your chance to let your individuality shine. Laying them out in the cloth will not only allow you to plan the beads’ order but their color coordination as well. Finish your design on the cloth first, before proceeding to the next step.
  • Once you are sure of your design plan on the cloth, place the beads on the string. Do this one by one. Be focused to avoid committing any mistake. Once you have finished the pattern on the other end of the string, secure it again with the crimp bead. Just like the other end of this string, be mindful of the size of the loop you make.
  • Repeat the steps above with the other string. It will end up just exactly the same as the first string, except of course, if you have other plans when it comes to its style.
  • Get a piece of a 10mm jump ring. Slip together in a single jump ring a loop from one end of the first string, attaching it to another end loop of the other string.
  • Attach the second piece of  jump ring to the other ends of the strings. This time, however, insert the swivel clip before one of the loops, so that it will sit in the middle. Attach the ID badge plastic to the swivel clip.

This is a very practical project, as it will allow your ID badge holder to be in style with your own clothes. It will not ruin, but add up to the stylistic effect of your get-up. Let your creative juices flow with each jewelry ID badge holder you design.


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