How To Make a Leather Briefcase

Leather is a valuable material in the handbag-manufacturing business. Its viability pairs up with its subtle or sometimes screaming elegance, expensive or a little less than expensive market price, and durability. It is this two-sided you actually have a choice to purchase a leather product or produce one on your own, with some help from gussets, a leather punch, a needle, a thread, and some rings. Below are steps on how to make a leather briefcase. Keep reading.

  • Prepare your leather pieces. Pay attention to the dimension of each piece. Here are what you need: two leather strips for each dimension measuring 24 x 1 inches, 12 ¼ x 3 ¼ inches, 11.5 x 1 inches, 6 x 1 inches, and 3 ¾ x 5/8 inches; and one strip each for 38 x 16 and 4.5 x 2.5 inches.
  • Punch the leather sections. Use the punch to make two pinholes one inch away from the end of each 24-inch leather pieces. Get the 38-inch piece and measure 3 inches from both of its ends. At the third inch, fold each end to 45 degrees. Cut four-sided holes about 1 ¼ inches away from the end of the thin ends. Take one end of the 38-inch leather, measure 6.5 inches away from the end and 3 inches from the longer edge. From there, punch two 1 1/4 outlets that are one inch away from one another. Repeat the same procedure for the other end.
  • Shave the leather. Shave an inch of the 3 3/4 –inch leather strip. Use a knife that is specially made for skiving leathers.
  • Attach one strip to another. Get the 6-inch leather strips and attach them to the base part of each of the 24-inch leather sections. Use glue to put them together. Glue to the part of each 24-inch strip where there are no holes.
  • Bring about the briefcase. Get the lone 38 inches and fold the parts into a briefcase form. This should have a 3-inch wide base and a 12.5-inch height. Slip the thin edges into the alternating holes you previously created in the leather sheets. This is the outline of your leather briefcase. Insert each 3 ¾ inches to the holes of the briefcase and then glue their ends to the larger piece. Take the 11.5 inches and use them as handles. Use the 4.5-inch bands to cover the handles.
  • Attach the handles. Puncture four holes where the handles are to be inserted. Attach the D-rings to the loops created with the 3 ¾ inches. Use the 12 ¼ inches as veins to the three outer edges of the briefcase. Finally, put the pins to the holes created in the 24 inches. Slide the handles into the holes and out. Your briefcase is ready.

Now that you have your self-produced leather briefcase, you can take it to your next business trip or daily to the office. It is amazing how such an expensive bag can be made right at your home, on the working table, and not to mention with the bucks you can chip off the expense. It is also a bag you can be proud to carry, because it bears your fingerprints. It is your product. It is your brand. Have a good time using your very own leather briefcase.


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