How To Make a Leprechaun Hat with Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is an important celebration for kids as it gives them the freedom to dress up like green leprechauns. Spending time to make kids’ costumes provides a great way to help enhance a child’s creativity while providing a memorable bonding time with them.

If you want to know how to make leprechaun hat with kids, here are the things you need to do.

Prepare your materials. Prepare the materials first-hand. You’ll need different colored construction paper in colors of green, black, and yellow. Likewise, prepare tape and glue that you’ll use to bring the pieces together, pencil or pen for stencil, and scissors. If you want to add decorations, you can also prepare glitter in various colors.

Cut out the required shapes.
Get the green construction paper and trace a circle that will run through the paper. Cut the circle. Using another construction paper, cut out a strip and fit it around the child’s head. Tape the ends together to form a band.

On another green construction paper, trace two trapezoid shapes and cut it out. Cut out two other triangles that will fit in the space between the two trapezoid shapes.

Trace a half-circle on another sheet of green paper and cut it out. Fold about a half an inch of the side that has a straight edge.

Add hat designs. Cut out a narrow strip of band from a black construction paper. On a yellow construction paper, trace a small square that is larger than the width of the black band but not greater than half of the green trapezoid. After cutting the square, fold it slightly in half and trace a smaller, inner square. Cut it afterward. These two shapes will serve as the belt and buckle for the top of the hat.

Form the hat top. Paste and connect the tops of the two trapezoids. Paste the triangular cut-out on each empty side. If the triangle you initially cut out doesn’t fit, place the joined trapezoids down on a green construction paper and trace the correct shape of the triangle. Add a few centimeters allowance around each triangle before cutting it out. Paste it on each side of the trapezoids.

Using the black band, paste and wrap it just below the middle of the trapezoid. If the length of the initial cut-out isn’t enough to cover the area of the trapezoid, cut out other bands, but as much as possible, make sure that they are within the same line. Afterward, paste the yellow buckle over it.

Assemble the pieces. Get the band that fits the kid’s head and tape it under the green circle. There should be an allowance in the front and back of the outer circle after taping or pasting the band. A back space of two inches and a front space of three inches will do.

Paste the edge of the half circle firmly to the back edge of the hat base. The rounded part should be pointing down. Get the trapezoid and paste the base on the middle base. It should be on the other side of the half-circle.

If you want to add designs, feel free to do so. Put clear glue on the sides where you wish to add glitters. Sprinkle glitter pieces and let it dry for a while.

Making a leprechaun hat with kids is a great way to encourage children’s creativity and give them a more personal touch with their St. Patrick’s Day costume. In the same way, it helps adults develop a stronger bond with them.


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