How To Make a Lined Alligator Clip

People are fond of wearing fashion accessories. Women who are conscious of how they look are fond of wearing fashion accessories. Children too are attracted to these decorative items. Some men are fond of wearing fashion accessories, too. Some of these accessories are jewelry, sunglasses, watches, belts, bags, and scarves. There are more that we can mention.

One commonly used accessory is the hair clip. It comes in various designs. Some clips are elegant-looking and classy, some are funky and fancy. Clips have different types too. There are clutch or butterfly clips, spring latch clips and the most famous are the lined alligator clips. Lined alligator clips are also called banana clips. These are popularized in the 1980’s. Lined alligator clips are often used to create the ponytail effect, making the hair appear longer than the actual length.

If you have kids at home, you may want to learn the basics on how to make these fancy clips. It may be a fun way for you to bond with your children.

Here are the following steps on how to make a lined alligator clip:

Prepare the materials. You need the following to make a lined alligator clip: a glue gun, ribbon, a standard alligator clip, and a lighter.

Measure the ribbon and seal it. You need to cut the ribbon with the size of 4 ½ inches long. Using the lighter, you have to seal the ends of the ribbon. Sealing it with heat will make sure that the ends of the ribbon will not fray in the future.

Align the ribbon with the line alligator clip. Make sure that your ribbon is properly aligned with the standard-sized alligator clip. To do this, you need to pinch the clip to open and insert the ribbon. Stick the ribbon in as far as it can go. Make sure that the ribbon does not bend. Before you close the clip, the ribbon should be at the center and that it is perfectly aligned.

Put hot glue. Using the glue gun, you need to add hot glue on the top part of the clip. Apply only a thin layer of the glue to avoid sloppy work.

Fold the ribbon on top of the clip. After you have applied the hot glue, carefully fold the ribbon over the clip. Grasp along the entire clip as you do this step to make sure the ribbon is flatly sticking.

Fold the ribbon under the clip. Once you are done folding the ribbon on top of the clip, you need to flip the alligator clip over. After flipping, add hot glue on the solid portion of the clip. Carefully fold the remainder of the ribbon afterwards. Press it down until it dries. Be careful with the glue gun. Apply thin layer of glue just like you did with the top portion of the clip.

Now you are done with your craft. You may use different designs for the ribbon to make these fancy line alligator clips. Making these clips may be a profitable project for you.


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