How To Make a Medieval Blacksmith Costume

Making costumes is fun, isn’t it? Nothing challenges your creativity more than thinking up of fun, unique and awe-inspiring costumes for any occasion. It’s easy to come up with complicated costumes like princes or knights or princesses, but the bigger challenge is to come up with a recognizable, simple costume. And what could be a more simple costume than a blacksmith outfit?

Blacksmiths were the people who made metal craft during the medieval period. With their hammers, bellows and anvils, they were responsible for knight’s armor, swords, shields, horseshoes, torch holders, iron chandeliers and most of the iron nails used during the period. Making a costume out of this craftsman will be fun and challenging.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

Brown thread
2 yards of brown fabric
Sewing machine
Stage make-up or coal pieces
Assorted blacksmith paraphernalia

  • Go online and check out images of medieval blacksmiths so you have a good idea of how they look.
  • Get a white, long sleeved, oversized t-shirt and a pair of pants that are colored brown. In the event that a brown pair isn’t available, you can make do with a black pair. You don’t have to buy these items on retail; you can shop for these items at any second hand store or thrift shop.
  • You’ll also need a brown men’s apron. You don’t have to buy this item on retail; you can shop for men’s aprons at any second hand store or thrift shop. You also have the option of making one also.
  • To make a men’s apron, cut a piece of fabric in the shape of an apron. When you cut the fabric, make sure that the bib part is as tall and as wide as the front of the torso. The lower half should stretch out wide enough to be wrapped around your flanks. Make sure the apron goes down to your knees.
  • Take the cut fabric to your sewing machine and hem the apron all the way around. Cut 3 pieces of fabric at about 2 feet long and an inch wide each. With your sewing machine, hem these strips as well. Two of these strips must be sewn to each side of the wide part of the apron to form the apron strings. The third one will be sewn as a loop atop the bib of the apron to make an apron loop that goes around your neck.
  • Notice that you’ve completed your costume. The white shirt and black / brown pants combination along with an apron make up the medieval blacksmith look. But you need to make it look authentic by smudging it with the stage make-up or coal pieces. Medieval blacksmiths work with open flames, a furnace and red-hot soft iron so it makes sense that their clothes will be sooty and black.
  • Complete the look by lugging around a hammer. Check online for images of smith hammers.

Medieval blacksmith costumes are great for Halloween and Renaissance Fairs.


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