How To Make a Memory Jewelry Shadow Box

Ready made memory jewelry shadow boxes are quite attractive and cost a lot. The more sentimental and practical option in jewelry storage is to make your own memory jewelry shadow box. Whether it is for your own use or it will serve as a gift to a friend, it is really something worth all the effort. There are many options available for those who want to engage in this activity, and the rewards are really very long-lasting, as timeless as the jewelry pieces that the box will house for a long time. Here are the steps in making your own memory jewelry shadow box.

  • Closed Box. The most famous variety for memory jewelry shadow box is the closed type, since it provides the highest security for your precious jewelry. Also, the closed box jewelry allows you to store more of your expensive jewelry without running the risk of losing them. A wooden craft box is a typical base material for making your own shadow box. You can either hammer your own piece or buy a simple wooden rectangular box from a nearby craft store. Either way, you just need to test the lock and storage capacity for the jewelry you are planning to keep there. The closed box will remain wooden unless you place in some decorative elements.
  • Open Style. Another favorable style for making a memory jewelry shadow box is by means of decorating an open crate. This one involves more than just a single box, but more of different stylish and tiny containers. The containers must be decorated elegantly, but not so much as to overpower the jewelry that it will be housing. The open style fosters easy access to getting the jewelry as needed and is recommended if you tend to access your jewelry more frequently.
  • Alternative: Double as Décor. The best thing about jewelry boxes is that they are very pleasing to look at, inside and out. An alternative type of jewelry box that you can try is something that will double as a decorative element in your bedroom. You can try the type of jewelry container that looks like a plant where you can hang the necklaces, bracelets and earrings in a single array. But this is not strictly a box and will require highest security in your home.
  • Embellishments. Embellishments can be scant for your memory jewelry box. At best, they will serve only as a good backdrop for your jewelry pieces. Make sure that you select understated but classy pieces. Also, make sure that you have firmly embellished the elements by using strong glue or other discreet forms of attaching handicraft elements to wood.

This making of your own jewelry box can even turn into a rewarding sideline or enterprise, if you are able to master the different styles of making a suitable container for your jewelry. Make sure to personalize your creation according to the personality and jewelry pieces of the person who will be using your creation!


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