How To Make a Men's Vest

Vests are worn as upper body coverings. These are sleeveless garments usually worn by men as an undergarment for coats and suits. Some wear vests on top of shirts for fashion.

It is relatively easy to make a men’s vest, as long as you are familiar with pattern-making and sewing.

Here are the steps on how to make a men’s vest:

1.    Prepare the pattern for the vest. You may either buy the pattern for the vest or you may make one yourself. Simple patterns have three to five pieces. If you choose to make the vest pattern yourself, here is what you are going to do:
  • Tape several pieces of newspaper or pattern paper.
  • Get a long-sleeved shirt and place it on top of the paper. The shirt should be front up and sleeves should be folded in.
  • Trace the shirt. For the armholes, make sure that you follow the sleeve seam line where the shoulder and sleeves meet.
  • Get a ruler and mark around the tracing. Put ½ - 1 inch allowance for the seam.
  • Cut the pattern after you are done with the measurements.
  • Duplicate the same pattern after to make two patterns for cutting later.

2.    Choose the fabrics for the vest. When you already have a pattern for the vest, you may now choose the type of fabric you are going to use. Get one yard of fabric for both the lining and the outer covering of the vest. Recommended fabrics are flannel for the outer layer and fleece for the lining.

3.    Clean the fabrics. Once you have chosen the fabrics for the vest, it is best that you wash them. Washing may remove any chemicals sticking to the fabrics. Let them dry after washing.

4.    Iron the fabrics. Fabrics are usually wrinkly after washing and drying. Iron the fabrics to remove the wrinkles.

5.    Cut and pin the pattern. It is now time to pin the patterns on to the fabrics. You need to pin one pattern for each fabric. This is for the lining and the outer covering. After pinning, you may now cut the fabrics accordingly.

6.    Sew the lining and outer covering. First, you need to lay the outer material back piece of the vest out with the right side of the fabric up. Next, you need to lay out two front pieces on top of the outer material, Make sure that the right sides of the two front pieces are facing the back side of the vest. Put pins to secure the positions of the fabrics before you stitch with your sewing machine. When stitching, you may start across the shoulders going down to the sides of the fabrics. Remember to leave the armholes open. When you are done stitching the outer covering, you may proceed with the lining. Same procedure applies when sewing the lining.

7.    Stitch the edgings of the vest. After sewing the lining and the outer covering, pin the two front pieces together. Using a half inch straight stitch, sew around the outer edges of the vest. Make sure that you leave about three to four inches space at the neck. This gap is for neck turning.

8.    Turn the vest through the neck. Reach through the neck and turn the vest. Pull the corners out. Iron the fabric if you need to.

9.    Stitch the sleeve-holes. Fold one inch of the fabric inwards and secure the folds with pins. Stitch the folds in place.

10.    Stitch the gap at the neck and the outer edge of the vest. Fold the fabric inward at the gap at the neck. Stitch across the gap using the sewing machine. Continue down the outer edge of the vest to produce an outer edge seam.

Making men’s vest is moderately easy. If you are having a hard time, well, you may also just purchase one. Enjoy!


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