How To Make a Mini Shoulder Bag

No woman can live without handbags. However, the world’s most fashionable handbags are designer brands that are so very expensive. If you are a woman and want a bit of fashion, then why don’t you consider making your own handbags? Creating this sort of thing can be a real tough job for beginners. Better start your lesson first from creating mini handbags for women.

In fact, this lesson is not only helpful for a woman's personalized mini shoulder bag. You can even create your own purses or laptop messenger bags with this lesson. So, if you’re ready, then let your imagination start rolling now.

  1. Draw your mini shoulder bag design. Everything will start from conceptualization. Perhaps, you already have a design in your mind. It can be anything inspired by nice purses or your dream designer shoulder bag. Simply draw that design and don’t forget to take note of the details. If you can’t draw, then at least draw the design in your mind and just list the details on a paper, say the number of pockets, if you will use buttons, or the fabric you want to use.
  2. Prepare the materials you need to make a mini shoulder bag. These materials will depend upon your design. But basically, you will need a fabric, thread, sewing machine, needles, scissors, and chalk.
  3. Draw the actual mini shoulder bag design on a big sheet of paper. If you are a beginner, you will only perfect this step after about three times of failure. Drawing the cuts on the paper will let you check if the measurement is right. You will also use this paper as a pattern when you’re cutting the fabric. Since you will be doing a mini shoulder bag, you have to limit the bag’s length up to 8 inches only, the strap not included.
  4. Cut the fabric according to your desired measurement and style. You can mark the pattern with chalk and cut out the pattern using your scissors. Make sure you all have the needed fabric for the mini shoulder bag, the strap, and the pockets.
  5. Sew the fabric according to your design.  You can use a sewing machine for that or just a needle. If you will use a needle, make sure that you sew it at least twice just to be sure about the bag’s strength. When sewing also, you have to finish the strap first since you have to insert this between the fabric and the bag’s lining. After that, you can proceed in sewing the inside of the bag, including the inside pockets. Then, you can proceed to sewing the outside portion of the bag. Don’t forget to sew the strap between the lining and the fabric or you might have to remove the thread just to give way for the strap.
  6. Final touches. When you’re done with the bag, then it’s time to put the designs you want on it. You can have tattoos, patches, small fabrics, buttons, zippers, etc. on it. You can even add shells, dried leaves, paper clips, coins, or microchips. That depends upon what you want your mini shoulder bag to have.

This guide is also useful if you want to create purses, laptop messenger bags, or even diaper bags. But instructions like this are better seen on a video than being read. So, better start looking for some instructional videos and get more mini shoulder bag design ideas from there.


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