How To Make a Muumuu

Originally worn by women in Hawaii, a muumuu is a loose, long dress made from fabrics with bold colors and beautiful tropical flower designs. It is worn on casual occasions, although there are also muumuu designs for formal events. What’s nice about a muumuu is that it is easy to make. In fact if you prefer, you can sew your own muumuu. Here are some tips.

  • Choose your fabric. There are several fabrics you can choose for your muumuu. These fabrics are designed with tropical flowers and come in striking colors. Make sure to buy several yards of fabric, since this dress will eat up a lot of it. Also, remember to pick a lightweight fabric.
  • Find a pattern. Patterns for muumuus are virtually unlimited. In fact, you can find lots of muumuu patterns on the Internet, which can either be traditional or modern. Choose a pattern that you think you can easily make or a pattern that fits your fashion preferences.
  • Take your measurements. Three measurements are needed for a muumuu project: chest, hips, and length. To get the chest measurement, run the tape measure from below one arm to the other arm. Add two inches for the allowance. To get the hip measurement, place the tape measure around the broadest area of your hips. Add nine inches to the final hip measurement. The length of the dress, meanwhile, is a personal preference, but ideally the muumuu should fall below your ankle.
  • Cut the fabric according to your measurements. Lay your fabric on your working table and start to make marks with a tailor’s chalk, following your dress pattern and measurements. Remember not to cut the fabric without first marking it because if you happen to commit any errors, you might waste a portion of your fabric. Also, always use a sharp pair of scissors to minimize fabric fraying.
  • Make sure to press your fabric. After cutting your fabric into several pattern parts, it is important that you press them all flat. This will make sewing a lot easier and will smooth out the creases in the fabric.
  • Put the dress together using a sewing machine. Although a muumuu is much simpler to do than other dresses, it requires the use of a sewing machine. This is because first, a sewing machine will lend a neater and more professionally done look. And two, machine sewing completes the sewing process faster than if you hand-stitch the dress. Remember, however, that final touches can be completed with hand-stitching.
  • Go modern. If you want to have a modern muumuu, you can consider making a shorter muumuu dress. If you prefer, you can have it knee-length. You can also make it as a top and match it with skinny jeans, leggings, or jeggings.

If your sewing skills are somewhat advanced, you can consider incorporating more complex design and construction techniques into your muumuu. Just try to be creative and visualize yourself in a muumuu that you think you can proudly wear and model it to your friends. Happy sewing!


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