How To Make a Necklace Holder

Items become valuable when they come with meaning and reason. They are treasured because tethered to them is emotion and memory. And since they are so very important, it only makes sense to keep them in a special storage space. Something like a necklace would require a unique container to be housed in. Whether this is to keep its shine and luster or for security or more personal reasons, it does not matter. A valuable necklace always needs a place to be put in safely. Here is how to make a necklace holder:

  • Defining “holder.” What you need to do before you start on your little do-it-yourself project is to figure out what you need the necklace holder for. There are many definitions for “necklace holder” in this situation. At its most basic, it’s a hook; its most complex, a customized display case complete with lighting and security. If you just want a place to store your jewelry in when you are not using them, just pick out any old box. If this particular necklace has more value and significance however, you may want something a little more appropriate. Answering the most basic question first, “Why?” is the first step towards making your necklace holder.
  • In hiding. If you want a place to hide your necklace, you will need a container you can easily close (and open). Shoeboxes are great since they have the size if you have a lot of necklaces plus you can easily decorate them. Smaller boxes and chests are fine too and can be easily fit on a nightstand. Plastic containers may be practical they do not necessarily fit the type.
  • In plain sight. You use pins and corkboards, hooks and the like if you just want somewhere to place your necklace when you are not wearing it and does not care if everyone can see it. Hanging it around something else is the most common way of hiding a necklace in plain sight.
  • For display. A necklace holder for the purposes of displaying your necklace might be a little trickier to come-by, since you must take into account a lot of factors. For one, you have to make sure that it fulfills the dual roles of showcasing your jewelry AND as a place of storage. Next, you have to figure where you want to keep it in. A display case in your room is much different from a display case in the living room since there will be a massive difference in the foot traffic in both areas. You can have a custom display case built if you wish, but that will be expensive. Instead, you can take some packing foam and a sturdy piece of backing to make a pseudo-necklace holder. Just stick the foam and backing together and place the necklace on it. Prop it up by making it lean at against something solid and presto, an instant necklace holder that also functions as a display.
  • Extra security. Using locks and placing your necklace holder in hard to reach areas will, in most situations, be all the security you need, just don’t forget the combination.

Making a necklace holder will depend on you and what you really need it for. Do you need a display case or a hook, a bejeweled box or just a small traveling case? Once you know what you want it will be much easier for you to get started. The rest is up to you.


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