How To Make a Pokemon Costume

So your child is a fan of Pokemon and wants to dress up as his favorite Pokemon character for Halloween.  There are so many different Pokemon characters to choose from, I"ll explain how to create a basic Pokemon costume and then you can add your own flare to the design to really make it your own.

Ash is perky, fun and a super easy costume to create.  This is just a basic costume idea for Ash, but if you follow this you will be able to pull off a costume for any of the other characters.

To dress up as Ash you probably have half the items you need already in your closet.  Wear a pair of jeans cuffed at the bottoms and a pair of tennis shoes.  Ash typically wears a black t-shirt with a white collar and white sleeves.  To create this look, you can wear a sleeveless black shirt with a white t-shirt underneath it.  Add a blue vest and some green gloves with the fingertips cut out of them to finish off the look.  The green gloves will probably be the hardest accessory to find, but if you try a local thrift store or dollar store you should be able to find a pair.  Wear a red or a white and red mesh baseball cap.  Ash has very dark black hair that is spiked at the ends, since it is Halloween you can get hair paint in a can to spray on your hair and then spike it out, or you can opt to purchase a wig.

To really pull the look off, purchase a mini Pikachu to carry around with you on your shoulder.  If you remember correctly Ash always had Pikachu with him on his shoulder.  An alternative to carrying around a Pikachu doll is to have a younger sibling dress up as Pikachu.  This is a great idea for those families that have more than one child and one is still an infant.

If your child doesn't want to dress up as Ash, there are other options available.  Costumes for Brock, May, Jesse, James and Misty are all just as easily created as this one for Ash.  Get your child's input when working on the costume, since he is a fan of Pokemon he probably has every last detail imprinted in his head of what he'll need to really play the part of Ash.


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