How To Make a Poodle Skirt

Wearing a poodle skirt can be really a fun thing to experience. Aside from its being trendy, poodle skirts also look cute and very flexible. In addition to that, you can pair them with almost any other kind of clothing. If you are trying to preserve your girly look and the memories of your childhood, wearing poodle skirts can surely help!

Mostly appropriate for pre-teens and the younger adults, poodle skirts are definitely fashion must-haves. Another thing that you must know is that you can make a poodle skirt of your own. Be guided by this article in doing your own poodle skirt. With minimal work and effort, you can start wearing a poodle skirt without spending too much – and with the help of your own hands and craftiness!

  1. Choose the right kind of textile. In making your own poodle skirt, you must be very selective in the materials you will use. For the textile, choose one that is made of heavy and durable material. Cotton and silk will most likely not work. They can break off easily which you surely do not want for your skirt. It is best to use felt or fleece. These two types of textile are made of heavy materials. More importantly, they are not that highly expensive so they will not make you dig deep in your pockets.
  2. Prepare the materials that you will need. Aside from the textile made of heavy material, you will also need a marking tool, newspapers, trimmed fabric, a tape measure, an elastic material and an iron-on poodle transfer.
  3. Take your measurements. Definitely, in making your poodle skirt, you will need to know your size. Take the measurements of your body parts especially the waist, the hemline and the calf. Afterwards, put in some allowances for the measurements. Do not to make a size allowance that is greater than one inch as this can make your poodle skirt look very fluffy and large.
  4. Arrange the pattern. Next, focus on the pattern of your skirt. This will serve as your guide when you begin making the skirt. Apply to the pattern the measurements you have made earlier. Do this in all directions so as to form a circle in the pattern. Also, make a pattern for the waistband. Add a half inch to your waist measurement and mark it on the pattern.
  5. Apply the pattern to the fabric. Once the pattern has been done, lay it out on felt with the back seam folded. In this fold, you have the option to put a zipper for your skirt. Otherwise, you can just leave it open.
  6. Finish off the waistband and the hem. Make a hook and an eye for the waistband. Make sure that is has at least one half inch seam allowance. Fold the part of the waistband and sew it. Meanwhile, it would be easier if you machine stitch the hemline. Just give at least a one fourth inch allowance.
  7. Put the poodle and string. Lastly, you have to put the poodle and string to complete your work. When this is done, your poodle skirt is already done and you can start wearing and flaunting it!

Poodle skirts are such a delight to wear because of their very free shape, which facilitates your motion. If you are fond of dancing, this type of skirt is very suitable in keeping you in free motion. Start making your own poodle skirt now.


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