How To Make a Poodle Skirt Out of Felt

A poodle skirt has never gone out of style especially for a costume party or Halloween. Making one isn’t difficult to do for as long as you know the basics of sewing using a sewing machine. Some would have it done by another person without realizing how easy it is to make one and how fulfilling it is to finish a poodle skirt in your own style.

Here’s how to make a poodle skirt using a felt as your material.

  • Cut out your pattern pieces. Your pattern pieces will be used when cutting the final pieces for your poodle skirt using the felt. Cut the pattern pieces and prepare them for your poodle skirt.
  • Put the felt on a flat surface or a table. Lay the fabric on the table where you can comfortably lay your pattern on it for cutting. You wouldn’t want to put your material on a carpet or on a table covered with a table cloth as there is a possibility that you may cut the fabric beneath your felt accidentally.
  • Pin down your pattern on the felt. It’s time to cut your cloth for your final product following your pattern. Make sure that you use pins to tuck your pattern on the felt before you start cutting. This is one way in cutting your fabric exactly as your pattern.
  • Get the measurement of your waist. Use a tape measure to get the measurement of your waist and add an inch to it for the seam. Create a waistband based on the measurement you have just taken for your waist and don’t make it too thick. Make the height of the waistband big enough for the elastic that you will use for it.
  • Separate the fabric from the pattern by removing the pins. Put together the wrong sides of the front section and the back section of your skirt. Pin the sides together and start sewing about half an inch seam along the sides.
  • Adjoin the waistband to the top of the skirt. Start sewing the waistband to the top portion of the skirt where the right sides are facing each other. Your waistband must have an inch opening where the elastic or garter can be inserted into.
  • Insert your elastic through the opening of the waistband. You can’t easily insert the elastic into the waistband so use a safety pin and hook it onto one end of your elastic. Slip it through the opening of the waistband and pull the pin out through the opening. When both ends of the elastic meet, stitch them together and when done, close the opening of the waistband by stitching them together.
  • Connect your hemlines and sew them together.
  • Iron a poodle transfer on your skirt. Preheat your electric iron prior to transferring the poodle on your skirt. When the iron is hot, put the poodle on the front section of your skirt where you’d want it to appear. Iron on the poodle to transfer it to your desired area on your skirt.


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