How To Make a Prayer Box Charm Beaded Bracelet

A prayer box charm is a small item that is hollow inside and can be opened, and a small folded paper can be inserted inside the box. It makes an interesting bracelet charm where you can place a prayer or wish on a paper and carry it with you as you wear the bracelet and be reminded of your prayer or wish. It makes a good gift item for friends and family. You can make it yourself so you can choose a design that will fit the person to whom you will give the bracelet, and you can also make several for yourself, so you can wear a different one on different occasions. Here are the basic steps in making a prayer box charm bracelet.

  • Prepare the materials to make a prayer box charm beaded bracelet. You will need a beading thread, preferably the one that is stretchable, jewelry clasps, beads, prayer box charm, bead tips, scissors, flat nose pliers, glue, pin, and a small white towel.
  • Get to work on a flat surface, preferably a table top. Lay a small white towel and arrange your other materials on it. A towel is better than a smooth cloth or bare surface because it will be able to catch the beads and prevent them from rolling off the table.
  • Measure the length of the string you will use. Typically you will need 5 to 7 inches of string and an additional 2 inches allowance for knotting the ends. Use double strings instead of just one to have a stronger thread.
  • Secure the end of the string with a knot. Place a bead tip to hold the tips and to be able to attach a clasp later.  
  • Place your beads in the string. Arrange the beads according to the design that you prefer. Expand your creativity and mix and match the beads together. Also add the prayer box charm into the string. Some prayer box charms can be hooked and removed, and others are permanently placed in a string. You can place more than one prayer box charm especially if the beads are large, so it does not look “over decorated.”
  • Secure the other end of the string once you are done with beading. Make a knot at the tip, and then place another bead tip in such a way that the knot is hidden inside it. You can use glue on the bead tips to make sure it stays and the knots will not move and show. Close the bid tips by using the flat nose pliers. Add the clasp by hooking it on the bid tips and closing the hook with the pliers.

You can also make prayer box charm bracelets that do not have a clasp, but are strung on a stretchable thread that you can put over your hand like a rubber band. Make sure you use a strong stretchable thread so the string will not break when you wear and take off the bracelet.


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