How To Make a Princess Leia Costume

Princess Leia is the lead female character in the original Star Wars trilogy. She is the stuff of many young boy’s fantasies. For Halloween, it’s a great costume to put together that’s quick, simple and easy to make.

If you don’t know how Princess Leia looks, then go ahead and rent a DVD to get an eyeful of this pop culture icon. There are also many pictures available online. Princess Leia has various looks, but with a few signature pieces, you can be easily recognized as one of the favorite princesses in cinema history.

Here’s how to make a Princes Leia Costume.

  • You must do the do. The signature hairstyle of Princess Leia is the cinnamon bun rolls on the sides of her head. You must have long hair of hair extensions to achieve this look. Part your hair in the middle and tie each side in a ponytail. Next, braid the hair and twist into a knot, until it becomes a cinnamon roll shape. Repeat on the other side. If you don’t have enough hair to do this, you can also buy a wig and fashion it into this style. You may also be lucky enough to find Princess Leia style hair. Whether you’re going with her regular action fighting costume or wearing the golden bikini look, the hairdo is a must have to be a dead giveaway for the Princess.
  • Go with a while flowing robe. The outfit of Princess Leia as she fought the enemy is a long white robe with a high neck. It has long flowing sleeves. If you want to improvise, wear a white turtleneck and a long white robe.
  • Secure with as sash. The Princess wore a white and silver belt. If you don’t have one, you can also use a black belt.
  • Wear boots. If you happen to have white boots, go ahead and wear it for your ensemble. If not, you can also wear black chunky boots.
  • Wear the golden bikini. The golden bikini is the most fantasized bout and most popular of Princess Leia’s outfits. If you have the body for it, go ahead and wear it! Find a gold bikini and put it on. If you’re playing the captive of Jabba the Hut, then you must wear gold sandals with it.
  • Get your weapon. Princess Leia may be a girl, but she knew how to fight her way out of any situation. Get a toy blaster or gun like weapon that you can use to defend yourself against any storm troopers. Know how to pose with one for an authentic look.

Try putting together this for your next Star Wars Convention or Halloween Party. If you can’t decide between the two costumes, wear both! Wear the golden bikini under the white robe and wow the other guests with your two in one costume! You’re sure to be hit with your homemade Princess Leia costume. If you can get a guy to go with you, dress him up as Hans Solo so you can come as a pair.


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