How To Make a Puppy Costume

First things first, decide which style and type of puppy that you wish to be.  The more popular puppy costumes happen to be Snoopy or even the famed Dalmatian. 

The cheapest way to go, is once you've decided what color and type of puppy you wish to be, is go to Wal-Mart or any other numerous discount store and purchase a sweat suit with a hood attached.  The next step is to choose a color of felt for your spots (if your puppy has spots).  For example, a Dalmatian puppy will need black felt for its spots, but most other puppy costumes will likely use brown felt.  For an added texture you could buy two different shades of brown felt and overlap them to create the desired effect.  This is possible for any color of felt you might obtain, jas long as they are two different shades.  Now cut your felt into several spots.  Do not worry about the spots being perfectly round; it's actually more effective if they're a little uneven.

Next, with the spots already cut and the sweat suit handy, you will want to have some craft glue; this is where you will begin to glue the spots all over the hooded sweatshirt and the pants.  If you happen to have an undershirt of the same color as the sweatshirt you will be wearing, place a couple of the spots on the undershirt as well in case you get hot and need to remove the hooded sweatshirt.  Then let it dry; you do not want to be moving the clothing around and leave your spots behind.  While your outfit is drying, grab some more felt. Using your scissors, cut very large ovals out of the felt for your ears.  Make these realistic as you can.  Place a few smaller spots on the ears and let these dry as well.

Now you may need a little help: place the hooded sweatshirt on the person who will be wearing the costume.  With the hood pulled up over your head, place the oval ears in the perfect place for your ears.  Once you have the ears in place, use the craft glue and stick them to the hood.  Be very careful as you remove the sweatshirt and lay it to the side to dry.

While you’re waiting for your costume to dry, you can add some extra features to your costume to make it more you.  You can use any color of felt for the collar.  Cut a strip about 2 inches wide; add your name to your collar, and decorate it to make it unique.  Also, pick out some makeup to wear; this adds a bit of realism to your puppy.  You can place some black makeup on your nose for a puppy nose, draw in some whiskers, and even paint some spots on your face for a more unique and creative step.  Now, get out there and bark your way into history with the great puppies such as Odie, Snoopy, Scooby and even Scrappy Doo.


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