How To Make a Rabbit Costume

Small children love dressing up as their favorite pet animal. When Easter, Halloween, or a costume themed birthday party comes up, plenty of kids will ask for the rabbit costume. Instead of purchasing costumes from shops, make your own and save up on money. A rabbit costume is easy to make and most of the materials are available in your own home.

  1. Body. For the body of the rabbit costume, use a sweatshirt with a hood. Choose a shirt that comes in a velvety fabric to simulate the coating of the typical bunny. Make sure that the hooded sweatshirt does not have prints or patterns, and that it only has a solid block of color. The beset colors for rabbits are white, light brown, pink, and yellow, depending on which child will wear the costume.
  2. Belly. To create the belly of the rabbit, use felt that has been cut into a large oval that will fit on the body of the bunny costume. Take a piece of felt and fold it lengthwise in half. Use a pencil to draw half an oval, and then use shears to cut the folded fabric into an oval. This technique will help you to create ovals easily. If the longer ends of the oval are pointy, trim these into a rounded edge. Use fabric glue to attach the felt belly onto the sweatshirt, or sew it into place. You can remove the fabric afterwards, to use the sweatshirt as usual.
  3. Tail. To create the tail for the rabbit costume, use yarn or cotton wool attached to the bottom of the sweat suit’s pants. Cotton wool and yarn come in a variety of colors. Make sure that you choose one that matches the color of the sweat suit. There are also cotton ropes that are used to decorate curtains that you can use as the rabbit tail.
  4. Ears. To create the rabbit ears, take felt and cut it into the shape of rabbit ears. Create four pieces, which will be sewn together to create two rabbit ears. Add cotton inside the ears before stitching them close. Next, attach the ears to a head band using hot glue. This can then be worn over the head as rabbit ears. You can also insert wiring to keep the rabbit ears in an upright position.
  5. Make up. Accentuate the rabbit costume by adding make up on your child’s face. Apply colored foundation on the face until it is thick enough to simulate the color of the sweatshirt. Once this is done, paint the nose black and add in whiskers by creating lines on the cheeks using mascara or eye liner. Depending on the type of rabbit that your child is trying to replicate, you can also use overalls and a straw hat to get the Peter Rabbit look. A piece of cabbage will top the costume off.

For the Easter egg hunt, equip your child with a cute bunny costume that you made yourself. The rabbit costume can be used for years to come, and the oval patch in the sweat suit can be removed to make the clothes usable during the rest of the year.


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