How To Make a Robot Costume

A robot costume is a Halloween costume favorite and big hit in costume parties.  Adults and children alike take delight in donning a robot costume.  Robot costumes can be simple or intricate, all depending upon one’s creativity and resources. However, it may not be practical to buy a robot costume that is only good for a single use or which could easily be outgrown by a child. It is thus a good idea to learn how to make a robot costume from available materials you can find at home or which you can simply buy in your local craft store. Just follow the following tips:

  1. Have a design idea in mind or make a design utilizing available materials. Planning the appearance of your robot and the materials you will be using will help you organize this project.
  2. If you don’t have a design plan in mind, check out some robot ideas here. The idea is to find materials out of which you will be creating the body of the robot: the head, arms and torso. For the head, you can use an old bucket or box, cellophane or old shades as covers for the eye opening.   For the arms, you could use boxes, the sleeves of an old raincoat or jacket. 
  3. To make the costume realistic, you have to paint and attach accessories. Find metallic paints that will go with the materials you will be using on the body (keep in mind that some paints do not go with plastics). Spray painting the body is also a good option (and less messy too). You can accessorize costume with old CD’s, computer keyboards, lights, switches, bolts and wires, among other materials.
  4. Prepare the head. Make sure the box, bucket or whatever material you are using will fit the head of whoever will be wearing the costume. Draw two circles, squares or some other shape to create the opening for the eyes and breathing holes. Attach the cellophane or lenses of an old pair of sunglasses (pop them out from the eye frames). Attach your desired decorative materials to make the head look realistic before or after painting the head. For instance, you can attach old CD’s, diskettes, or bolts to make the robot face come alive. Paint or spray paint before or after decorating.
  5. Prepare the body. Create openings big enough for the head, arms and your legs. If you are using a box, leave one end of the box open and create the opening for the head on top and two openings on the sides. Attach details to make the robot’s body realistic.
  6. Prepare the arms. Paint the long sleeves of the old jacket or raincoat with your preferred color or for best results, the same metallic color you used on the body and head of the robot costume.

Now that you know the basics steps on how to make a robot costume, it’s time to get started. The steps found here are great suggestions for a costume that’s easy to move in, get into, remove and store for future use. Be (or let your kid be) the star of the costume party in this awesome robot costume.


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