How To Make a Rock Necklace

There’s nothing more wonderful than making handmade crafts and presenting them as gifts. Rock necklaces are perfect because they are non-expensive and they are made from the heart. This is a good and fun activity even kids can do – besides, these are great friendship bonds! Another thing great about rock necklaces is that they don’t corrode or rust even when dipped in water. Since they are made from rocks, they are all natural.

In order to assemble your rock necklace, you would need the following materials:

Rocks – Choose rocks that are symmetrical and smooth. A colored rock would be a good variation.
22-gauge colored wires
Scissors and pencil
Long nose pliers or needle-nose pliers
Different colors of yarn, synthetic leather cords or thin ribbons
At least 4 or 8 beads (optional)

Now you have completed gathering your materials, it would be time to start making your rock necklace. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Prepare your rock pendants. Get rocks that are naturally colored. You can always opt for white rocks but colorful rocks can be customized to suit a certain color motif. Make sure the rocks are clean, smooth and make sure there are no cracks on them.
  • Tie your rock pendants. Once you have prepared your rocks, tie one of them with the 22-gauge colored wire. Tie it in the same manner you are tying a gift – like a cross across the rock. Take a pencil and ring a part of the wire to form a loop. This loop will be where you will insert the ribbon or cord that comprises the necklace. Remember to use the needle nose pliers to twist and secure the loops around the rock and the ring.
  • Add some beads to accessorize. Before finalizing your necklace, add some pre made beads that you can buy from a craft store. Choose colors that compliment the natural color of your rock pendant. Attach the pendant to the synthetic leather or ribbon (your choice). Be sure the pendant is at the middle of the cord.

    For the optional task, slid the beads on both sides of pendant evenly then tie the cord at the end of the beads to keep them from moving and sliding off the cord.

  • Drill a hole through the rock. If you want a more secured pendant, you can drill a hole through the rock to attach it on the necklace cord. Use a drill bit that is made for hard surfaces like silica carbide or diamond. An ordinary drill bit would just snap when you use it on the rock.

Before drilling the hole, dip the rock in water. The rock should be wet when you’re drilling through it. The idea is to keep it soft and emit less powder. Start drilling but don’t drill continuously for more than 10 seconds. Stop drilling at 10 seconds, wet the rock and drill again. Do this repeatedly until you have successfully drilled the tiny hole. Insert the cord into the hole and tie the cord to keep the pendant from moving. Add some beads (optional). Tie the ends of the cord and you have made a charming rock necklace.

No matter what color and size you choose to make the handmade rock necklaces, these are always natural treasures that can capture your loved ones’ appreciation because your effort and thoughtfulness would always show through them.


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